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".Conservative counts say that Jesus fulfilled over 300 specific predictions during his earthly life, death and resurrection. Below are featured 100 of these — including when they happened, and where in the Bible they were predicted and fulfilled.

Of course, some of these predictions are ‘spiritual’ in nature, for example that Jesus would be ‘God-with-us’. Granted: prophecies like these must be accepted (or rejected) as a matter of faith. But the majority of the predictions below are about measurable realities in Jesus’ life — like the fact that he was born into a poor family; in the town of Bethlehem; to a particular tribe of Israel; and so on. They are historically verifiable.

We know His Son’s name! It is Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus the Christ, Jesus the Son of God. He alone fulfilled this breathtaking list of Messianic prophecies:

Predicted in Genesis 3:15 (c. 1425 BC)
#1 | He would be a descendant of Eve; a human being
#2 | His descent would be reckoned from woman not man
#3 | He would defeat Satan
Fulfilled: Luke 1:31Luke 3:23-38Hebrews 2:14

Predicted in Genesis 22:18 (c.1425 BC)
#4 | He would be a descendant of Abraham
Fulfilled: Matthew 1:1-17

Predicted in Genesis 49:10 (c.1425 BC)
#5 | He would come from the tribe of Judah
#6 | He would come before the right to rule departed from the tribe of Judah (c.6-7AD)
#7 | He would be a king
Fulfilled: Matthew 1:1-17Matthew 27:37John 12:13; Josephus Antiquities 17:13

Predicted in Numbers 24:15-19 (1405 BC)
#8 | His arrival would be accompanied with a star
#9 | He would come from the nation of Israel
Fulfilled: Matthew 2:29Matthew 1:1-17Matthew 27:37John 12:13

Predicted in Deuteronomy 18:15-19 (1405 BC)
#10 | He would be a prophet like Moses
#11 | He would speak the words of God to Israel
Fulfilled: John 6:14John 12:49

Predicted in 1 Chronicles 17:10b-14 (c. 450 BC)
#12 | He would be a descendant of David
#13 | He would live eternally
Fulfilled: Matthew 1:1-17Matthew 27:37John 12:13John 1:34John 8:58John 20:28

Predicted in Psalm 16:1-11 (c. 1000 BC)
#14 | He would have a unique relationship with God
#15 | He would go to the grave
#16 | His body would not undergo corruption, i.e. He would be raised back to life
Fulfilled: Matthew 11:27John 17:1-26Luke 23:46John 19:30Mark 16:6

Predicted in Psalm 22:1-31 (c. 1000 BC)
#17 | He would be forsaken by God during a time of great suffering
#18 | He would be reproached and despised by Israel
#19 | He would be mocked and told, “Let the LORD deliver Him, because He delights in Him”
#20 | He would be surrounded by enemies
#21 | He would be poured out like water
#22 | His bones would be pulled out of joint
#23 | His heart would rupture
#24 | He would suffer great thirst
#25 | His hands and feet would be pierced
#26 | His bones would be exposed and become visible
#27 | He would be stared at and looked upon by His enemies
#28 | His enemies would divide His clothing and gamble for it
Fulfilled: Matthew 27:46Mark 15:29-32Matthew 27:43Matthew 27:27-44Matthew 27:45-50Luke 23:33John 19:34John 19:28Luke 23:33Matthew 27:26Luke 23:35John 19:23-24

Predicted in Psalm 69:6-21 (c. 1000 BC)
#29 | He would be a stranger to His brothers
#30 | He would be zealous for God’s house (the Temple)
#31 | He would be reproached, shamed and dishonoured
#32 | He would be given gall and vinegar to drink
Fulfilled: John 7:5John 2:13-17Matthew 27:29-3139-44Matthew 27:30John 19:29

Predicted in Psalm 80:17 (c. 1000 BC)
#33 | He would be at God’s right hand, i.e. He would be equal with God
#34 | He would be called the Son of Man
Fulfilled: John 5:17-18Matthew 8:20

Predicted in Psalm 110:1-7 (c. 1000 BC)
#35 | He would be rejected and have undefeated enemies for a time
#36 | He would ascend to God’s right hand, i.e. He would be equal with God
#37 | He would be a priest according to the order of Melchizedek
#38 | His priesthood would endure forever
Fulfilled: Mark 3:22-301 Corinthians 15:25Mark 16:19Matthew 27:37John 12:13Hebrews 5:9-10John 8:58John 20:28

Predicted in Proverbs 30:4 (c. 950 BC)
#39 | He would be the unique Son of God
#40 | He would have a name that was previously unknown
Fulfilled: John 1:34Matthew 16:20

Predicted in Isaiah 7:14-15 (c. 712 BC)
#41 | He would be born of a virgin
#42 | His name would be Immanuel or ‘God-with-us’
#43 | He would live a poor life
Fulfilled: Matthew 1:18-22Matthew 1:23John 8:58Luke 2:22-24Matthew 8:20

Predicted in Isaiah 9:1-7 (c. 712 BC)
#44 | He would minister in the regions of Zebulun and Naphtali in Galilee
#45 | He would be a man
#46 | His name would be ‘Mighty God’ and ‘the Father of Eternity’
Fulfilled: Matthew 4:12-161 Timothy 2:5John 8:58John 20:28Matthew 27:37John 12:13

Predicted in Isaiah 11:1-2 (c. 712 BC)
#47 | He would be a descendant of David
#48 | He would come at a time when the House of David would be in a state of poverty
#49 | He would be fully anointed by the Holy Spirit
Fulfilled: Matthew 1:1-17Luke 2:22-24Matthew 3:16Acts 2:33

Predicted in Isaiah 40:3-5 (c. 712 BC)
#50 | He would have a forerunner to announce and prepare for His arrival
#51 | He would be called ‘the LORD’
Fulfilled: Matthew 3:1-6John 8:58John 20:28

Predicted in Isaiah 42:1-6 (c. 712 BC)
#52 | He would be God’s chosen Servant
#53 | He would be God’s delight
#54 | He would have the Holy Spirit
#55 | He would not preach in the street like other prophets
#56 | He would be tender and gentle in character
#57 | He would be a light to the Gentile nations
Fulfilled: Luke 23:35John 17:24Matthew 3:16Acts 2:33Matthew 9:35Matthew 11:28-30Acts 13:46-48

Predicted in Isaiah 49:1-13 (c. 712 BC)
#58 | He would be God’s chosen Servant
#59 | He would be despised and rejected by Israel
#60 | He would be accepted and worshipped by the Gentile nations
Fulfilled: Luke 23:35Mark 3:22-30Acts 13:46-48

Predicted in Isaiah 50:4-9 (c. 712 BC)
#61 | He would be awoken daily by God and discipled by Him
#62 | He would be struck, humiliated and spat on, and have His beard plucked out
#63 | He would obediently submit to these sufferings despite His innocence
Fulfilled: Luke 5:16Matthew 27:26-31John 10:18

Predicted in Isaiah 52:13–53:12 (c. 712 BC)
#64 | His appearance would be disfigured beyond that of any other man
#65 | He would have a normal life and nothing unusual would draw people to Him
#66 | He would be despised, rejected, and acquainted with grief
#67 | He would be considered by others to be cursed and rejected by God
#68 | He would be wounded and bruised to atone for the sin of others
#69 | He would be silent before His accusers, not pleading His innocence
#70 | He would be oppressed, judged and lead away
#71 | He would be put to death
#72 | He would be buried with the rich
#73 | He would see His seed and prolong His days, i.e. be raised from the dead
#74 | He would justify many
#75 | He would submit to these things willingly
#76 | He would be numbered among evil men
#77 | He would intercede for sinners
Fulfilled: Matthew 27:26-31Matthew 13:54-58John 18:12-19:30Matthew 27:39-44; Hebrew 2:17; 1 John 2:2Matthew 27:12John 18:1-19:16John 19:17-18Matthew 27:57-60Mark 16:6Acts 13:38-39John 10:18Mark 15:27-28Romans 8:34Hebrews 7:25

Predicted in Isaiah 61:1-3 (c. 712 BC)
#78 | He would be anointed with the Holy Spirit
#79 | He would bring good news to the afflicted and proclaim God’s favour
Fulfilled: Matthew 3:16Acts 2:33Matthew 11:4-5Luke 4:16-21

Predicted in Jeremiah 23:5-6 (c. 570 BC)
#80 | He would be a descendant of David
#81 | He would do justice and righteousness in Israel
#82 | He would be called ‘the LORD our righteousness’
Fulfilled: Matthew 1:1-17Luke 24:19John 8:58John 20:28

Predicted in Daniel 9:24-27 (536 BC)
#83 | He would arrive 483 years after the decree to rebuild Jerusalem would be issued
#84 | He would be legally executed
#85 | His death would be followed by Jerusalem’s destruction and the dispersion of Israel
Fulfilled: Matthew 27:37John 12:13Luke 19:41-44John 19:17-18Luke 19:41-44

Predicted in Micah 5:2 (710 BC)
#86 | He would go forth from Bethlehem, the city of David
#87 | His goings forth would be from the days of eternity
Fulfilled: Matthew 2:1-6Luke 2:1-7John 8:58John 20:28

Predicted in Zechariah 9:9-10 (487 BC)
#88 | He would be just and having salvation
#89 | He would come in humility, unlike a normal king
#90 | He would come to Jerusalem riding an unbroken donkey
Fulfilled: Acts 4:12Matthew 27:37John 12:13Matthew 11:28-30Matthew 21:1-11

Predicted in Zechariah 11:1-17 (487 BC)
#91 | He would come to shepherd Israel
#92 | He would be rejected by Israel, except for a believing remnant
#93 | He would be sold for thirty pieces of silver
#94 | His betrayer would throw that silver to a potter in the Temple
Fulfilled: Matthew 23:37John 10:11Luke 19:41-42Romans 11:25Matthew 26:14-16Matthew 27:3-10

Predicted in Zechariah 12:10 (487 BC)
#95 | He would be recognised by Israel only much later, after first being rejected
#96 | He would be pierced
#97 | He who is pierced would be God
Fulfilled: Romans 11:25-27John 19:31-37John 8:58John 20:28

Predicted in Zechariah 13:7 (487 BC)
#98 | His suffering would lead to the scattering and dispersion of Israel
Fulfilled: Luke 19:41-44

Predicted in Malachi 3:1 (c. 430 BC)
#99 | He would be preceded by a forerunner
#100 | He would come suddenly to His Temple
Fulfilled: Matthew 3:1-6Matthew 21:12

Source: https://blog.canberradeclaration.org.au/2021/08/03/100-fulfilled-prophecies-showing-jesus-is-the-messiah/?fbclid=IwAR2difISyKLpq768lok38WfUzoT4GKrIT1Zi0HLSNBNmxBhRJf8BshMfIu8 

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