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THIS IS WHAT IT HAS COME TO. I won't say anything inflammatory here because this blog will be shared to the facebook page "Right to speak", so to mitigate against another ban, I re-post the 'bare' facts from the site BINARY.

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12-year-old Drag Queen coming to Australia

Desmond is Amazing, a 12yr old drag queen, is coming to Australia. He will be a special guest at the Melbourne Drag Queen Expo in August.
Still only a child, 12yr old Desmond will be sharing the stage with many adult entertainers.
The featured Drag Queens for the expo specialise in sexually explicit content. They perform in bars and 18+ spaces – and that’s where they belong. Adult entertainers are of adults.
One has to ask then, what business does a 12-year-old have with such performers? Why is the expo featuring a 12 year old? This will attract attention from other kids as well. You can be sure they will check out the social media profiles of some of the Drag Queens. What they will discover is drag queens are not for kids.
Here is just a sample:
Alaska Thudnerf*ck – The name says it all and the bio says: A well-traveled, campy extraterrestrial does have her perks and her irritations. Transients and drifters are directed to the nearest black hole via her pre-screw-you GPS navigation, and drug-addled layabouts are allowed to create their own black holes. She promises to upload each and every one into the system. How dangerous can Thunderfuck be? As dangerous as a black hole.
Archie Arsenic –When kids visit his Facebook page they will be confronted with image after image of him dressed as the devil – topless, with glitter over the nipples, in bondage style lingerie, being sexually provocative and playing with fire. Definitely 18+ material there.
Weird Alice Yankadic: FB page features sexualised cartoons and images of him with breasts being fondled by himself and others in the bed.
Sharon Needles: From the performers webpage:  “Sharon Needles is the most paranoid, disgusting, vile, lewd, corrupt, and obscene bitch I’ve ever met. And I mean that in a good way. Basically, there are three human needs in life: Sex, Scotch, and Sharon Needles.”
Bible Girl 666 is described as “Internet reality trash”
D Flowers advocates political activism and wants to promote the gender fluid agenda. “Anyone who breaks the gender binary is not only making a political statement; they are also making social, historical, and economical statements as well. We all know that heterosexual society is rather binary, and drag does tend to break down a lot of the boundaries and create visceral reactions. I feel it can expose individuals to the idea that gender is a fluid, social construct.”
Dwight Trash: His bio Instagram describes him as the King of Camp Cowboy Trash.He is “Here to confuse and unsettle the masses.” And is “The one your mother warned you about.”
Penny Cillin: one of his first images on Instagram is captioned “Solid gold d*ckhead”
Kane Enable: contains adult content on Instagram: “Still finding glitter on my neck, my back, in my p*ssy and my crack.”
Cherylyn Barnes: Social media: “this is for all mi lost biches xxxxx Pussi kiss.”
Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman, is concerned about the trend to involve children in adult entertainment.
“Drag queens are not for kids. They are adult entertainers who perform for adults. Why on earth would anyone want to expose children to hypersexualised men, dressed as stereotyped sexualised women? Children who follow Desmond will no doubt investigate the social media pages of the other drag queens. Their content is definitely not for kids!”

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NEW AGE: Fiona Barnett Blog

Addicted to the Occult: A Book Review

Welcome to Fiona’s Book Club.
I recently had to sever ties with an old and dear friend, due to her addiction to the occult. A decade ago, my friend (‘Alison’) began paying a guru/witch (‘WitchyD’) for past life regression ‘therapy’, aura reading and manipulation, and kinesiology. Under WitchyD’s influence, Alison’s brain and life slowly turned to shit. My friend became vague and started making poor decisions (which landed her in court on a serious gun charge). Alison abandoned responsibility for her own behaviour and blamed her issues on either other people, or her ‘past life’ experiences that WitchyD implanted in her mind, via suggestion.
Several years ago, Alison began divorce proceedings against her ex-husband. Her primary approach to this procedure consisted of gathering with WitchyD and another coven participant, to summon her ex’s aura, to command her ex’s aura into giving her what she desired out of their financial settlement. When Alison divulged this, I urged my friend to, “Get a divorce lawyer!” However, Alison ignored all of my free practical advice in favour of her paid esoteric charmer. Consequently, my friend got totally screwed over and her cunning ex won everything.
Alison had engaged in witchcraft. I define witchcraft as intentional manipulation of the elements in order to achieve one’s will. Alison had in fact dabbled in black witchcraft – without having been instructed on the consequences of such, or how witches protect themselves against the inevitable backlash. Witchcraft carries its own set of rules, and if one wants to play with witchcraft, one must abide by its rules. My friend failed to do this.
Alison’s enormous financial loss was blatant evidence that her guru was in fact a shit witch. WitchyD lacks the visual spatial IQ and creativity essential for being good at the occult. Despite her loss, Alison continued paying WitchyD exorbitant consultation fees. Why? Because Alison had become addicted to the occult. Occult addiction provides a neurological high akin to addiction to porn, drugs, sugar, or anything else. People are drawn to witchcraft out of curiosity, fascination and titillation, followed by a desire for power and control. What starts out as fun and thrilling morphs into blind servitude.
Like an addict, Alison became highly secretive around her habit. She hid from family and friends her relationship with WitchyD, their frequency of association, and the depth of their witchcraft involvement. It was only when an old associate (‘Sophia’) re-entered our lives that I discovered the truth. Alison’s witch guru did to Sophia what she tried for years to do to me – drove her away. WitchyD felt threatened by people like me and Sophia who perceived her craftiness and deception.
Sophia introduced me to an astounding little 1908 book explaining every occult method WitchyD had employed with Alison, titled:
Practical Mental Influence: A course of lessons on mental vibrations, psychic influence, personal magnetism, fascination, psychic self-protection, etc.
The author, William Walker Atkinson, was a prolific and influential writer of 100 occult books. Practical Mental Influence is arguably Atkinson’s pivotal work. The text, published by the Masonic Temple in Chicago, provided Freemason initiates with a basic introduction to achieving business success using mind control techniques like covert hypnosis. This book is the missing link I failed to locate while writing Eyes Wide Open. It simply provides a fundamental understanding of the following topics I addressed in my own book:
  • Nazi mind control experiments;
  • CIA/MI6/US Military MK-Ultra / MK-Delta research and application;
  • 1960s Hippie Movement;
  • Modern New Age practises including Yoga, meditation and visualisation;
  • Modern charismatic / Pentecostal / evangelical apostate churches that influence masses, and focus on prosperity and thinly-disguised occult practises like laying on of hands (aka, Reiki) and visiting heaven (aka, Astral Projection);
  • Motivational speakers who use Neuro-Linguistic Programming based business and sales tactics individuals, and/or influence mass audiences;
  • Modern Psychology practises, namely Jungian psychotherapy, Mindfulness, and CBT.
People don’t produce this type of book anymore, since the information went underground and was weaponised. All modern self-help, motivational, New Age type books are a rehash of Atkinson’s blueprint, wrapped in anecdotes, psycho-newspeak, and other crap to make it appear fresh and new.
Here is a summary of the book’s points relevant to my experience of the research project called ‘MK-Ultra,’ and the practical application of that research, called ‘MK-Delta.’ Keep in mind, this information was published over 110 years ago.
Chapter 10. Occult Knowledge Sources
An introduction to the concept of Mental Influence is located at the rear of Atkinson’s book, in Chapter 10:
 ‘…we read in the pages of history about the mysterious powers recorded under the name of Witchcraft, Hexism, Voodoism, Black Magic, including the Hawaiian “Kahuna” work. And turning back the pages of history to Ancient Rome, Greece, Persia and Egypt, not to speak of India, ancient and modern, we find innumerable instances of the employment of and knowledge of, Mental influence in some of its forms.’ (p.75)  
Chapter 1. Vibration
Knowledge and manipulation of vibration is fundamental to the occult. Vibration is the basic force underlying everything: matter, force, energy, light, temperature, electricity, magnetism, colour. All forms of matter and energy are manifestations of different rates of vibration.
2. Thought Waves
Light, heat, electricity, magnetism, radio – all travel in waves. Human thoughts also travel in waves. Thoughts and feelings generate a type of high vibration energy called ‘mental energy.’ Mental energy may be compared to electromagnetic energy. This energy emanates from the individual in vibratory wave form. These thought waves can be projected to remotely influence the minds, thoughts and behaviour of others whose brains are in harmony. Note that Nazi scientists like Mengele studied twins, when twins tend to detect each other’s thoughts and feelings at a long distance. Atkinson explained (p.17):
‘When a Thought or Feeling is generated in the mind or brain of a person, the energy generated flows forth from the person in the forms of waves of mental energy, spreading from the immediate neighbourhood of the thinker to a distance proportioned to the strength of the thought or feeling. These Thought-Waves have the property of awakening similar vibrations in the minds of other persons coming within their field of force…’
Thought waves are manifested in various forms and phases. Those sent forth with great force, travel far, and manifest great influence. Others travel rapidly in a straight line to target certain individuals or places. This is the premise behind the witchcraft practise of casting curses, hexes and spells. Some thought waves are sent forth with great strength and power to sweep around and influence whoever falls in its forcefield. This is used in cases of mass mind control, like stirring up a crowd into a violent frenzy. Thought waves last a long time, even beyond the person’s death. Hence locations like Auschwitz possess a distinct atmosphere due to the still-present energy from the strong thoughts and feelings of countless tortured and murdered souls.
Thought waves exert power when sent intentionally, and by someone with a strong will. Hence, MK-Ultra / Delta selected and developed candidates like me who naturally possessed exceptionally strong wills.
3. Mental Induction
‘Orators, actors, preachers and teachers send forth strong mental currents which tend to produce mental conditions on the part of their hearers corresponding to the feeling held by the mind of the speaker.’ (p.23)
This helps to explain the strong presence of witchcraft practitioners in the theatre, Hollywood, churches, schools and universities.
4. Mental Concentration
The two essential ingredients for mentally influencing others’ thoughts and behaviours are:
  1. Concentration (developed via Meditation), and
  2. Visualisation.
This is why MK-Ultra / Delta candidates possessed an extreme visual-spatial IQ.
‘…the highest forms of energy, force or power are manifested by bringing the force to a focus, centre, or common point, thereby directing to that point the entire energy employed, instead of allowing it to become dissipated over a larger area.’ (p.29)
I attended acting classes with top tutors in my youth, who literally called this process ‘centering.’ Similar terminology is employed by Yoga and meditation gurus.
‘The occult masters have ever impressed upon their pupils the importance and necessity of acquiring the powerful of Mental concentration, and all trained and developed occultists have practiced and persevered toward this end, the result being that some of them attained almost miraculous mental powers and influence. All occult phenomena are caused in this way, and all occult power depends upon it. Therefore, the student of mental Influence should devote much thought, time and practice to this most important branch if the subject.’ (p.30)
This is why Yogis meditate for hours, and why Eastern practises were scouted by Nazis and formed the basis of CIA/Military black ops. This is the very process I was trained in by my Luciferian abusers, and which was weaponised within Delta Special Forces.
‘Mental Concentration, in practice, consists in focusing the mind upon a given subject, or object, firmly and fixed, and then holding it there for a certain time, fully intent upon its object, and not allowing itself to be diverted or attracted from its object. It likewise consists in the correlative power of then detaching the mind from that subject, or object, and either allowing it to rest, or else focus upon another object. In other words, it either gives undivided attention or else inhibits (or “shuts off”) attention from given subject or object.’ (p.31)
Occultists avoid involuntary concentration, because it allows attention to escape the Will’s control.
‘The Mental Concentration of the occultists … is solely in control of the will, being applied when desirable, and taken off or inhibited when desired.’ (p.32)
Involuntary attention is a type of self-hypnotization; this is completely different to control of attention, which is an evidence of mastery.
‘The secret of Mental concentration lies in the control of the Attention. And the control of the Attention lies in the exercise of the Will.’ (p.32)
‘All of the occult authorities begin in teaching their pupils Attention as the first step toward Mental concentration. They instruct the pupil to examine some familiar object, and endeavour to see as many details as possible in the object. Then after hearing the pupil’s report, the master sends him back to the task, bidding him seel for new details, and so on until the pupil has discovered about all concerning the object that can be discovered. The next day a new object is given him, and the process is repeated. First simple objects are given, then more complex ones, until at last, objects of great complexity are mastered. In this way not only is the power of close observation highly developed, but the faculty of Attention becomes so highly strengthened that the pupil is able to exert the greatest amount of Mental Concentration with scarcely the consciousness of effort. And such a person then becomes a very giant in the manifestation of Mental Influence. For he is able to hold his mind “one-pointed,” as the Orientals describe it, until he has focused and directed a mighty degree of Mental Influence toward the desired object. ’ (p.33)
‘Among the practises imposed upon their pupils by the occult masters may be named Mathematics, Drawing, Analysis, etc.’ (p.34)
This is precisely what my Luciferian perpetrators taught me, and the very technique employed by CIA Head Psychologist John Gittinger in his programming efforts. This method is also the premise of Yoga meditation, Mindfulness, and numerous New Age techniques.
‘The person who uses Mental Influence must certainly possess the power of focussing the force to a common point, in order to manifest the greatest amount of power and influence. And that faculty of focusing results from the training of the mind along the lines of Concentration. And Concentration arises from the mastery of Voluntary Attention.’ (p.34)
5. Visualisation
‘What is known as a “Mental Image,” in occultism, is the mental creation, in the imagination, of a “picture” of the things, events or conditions that one desires to be manifested or materialised in actual effect.’ (p.36)
‘The occultist first builds up, in his imagination, a Mental Image or Picture of the conditions he wishes to bring about, and then by concentrating his influence through and around that picture he is able to manifest his influence strongly… The Mental Image gives shape and directions to the force which is being concentrated upon the desired object or subject.’ (p.36)
‘An eminent authority, Sir Francis Galton, who was one of the leading authorities upon psychology of preceding generations, has said on this subject: “The free actions of a high visualising faculty is of much importance in connection with the higher processes of general thought. A visual image is the most perfect form of mental representation whatever the shape, position and relations of objects to space are concerned. The best workmen are those who visualise the whole of what they propose to do before they take a took in their hands. Strategists, artists of all denominations, physicists who contrive new experiments, and in short, all who do not follow routine, have need of it.” (p.38)
That is exactly what I argued in my chapter, Relevance of Intelligence in Eyes Wide Open. People who do not think in pictures, who have a dominant left brain that relies instead on words, cannot begin to understand this phenomenon. Atkinson asks:
‘If one wishes to materialise anything by the use of the influence, is he not handicapped by a lack of a Mental Image of just what he wants to materialise, and is he not helped very much by the creation of a mental “pattern” or plan, in the shape of a mental picture, through and around which he may direct his thought-currents?
This is why my friend’s guru will always be a shit witch; being Aspergers, her right, visual hemisphere is dysfunctional. And my friend Alison is left brain dominant so she can’t visualise things either. This explains why their efforts to summon and influence the ex-husband completely backfired.
‘The occultists manifesting the greatest degree of Mental Influence acquire by practise this art of creating the Mental Images of that which they wish to materialise. They train their Imaginations in this way until the very act of creating the Mental Image acts strongly toward the actual materialisation of the thing itself. They see the desired thing, or event, as “actually existing” in their minds before they attempt to concentrate their Thought-Waves upon the task of accomplishing it.’ Then the Mental Picture, being completed and standing in strong outline, they focus their mental force through it… The imagination may be strengthened in many ways, the principle being constant and persistent practice. The practise of recalling to the memory of scenes previously witnessed, and then either describing them to others or else drawing a rough picture of them will help in this matter. Describe to others, scenes that you have witnessed, occurrences, details of appearances, etc, etc, until you are able to reproduce mentally the aspects and appearances of the things. Then you may begin to draw mental pictures of things desired as if they were being drawn on the screen of your mind. See, mentally, the things as actually occurring – create a little playhouse of your own, in your mind, and there enact the plays that you wish to witness in actual life. When you have acquired this, you will be able to project your mental pictures on the screen of objectivity in actual life with far greater effect.’
Recall in my book how John Gittinger had me visualise and describe to him a layered cake in detail. The above training formed the basis for laying the various MK programs.
6. Fascination
The two direct uses of Mental Influence are:
  1. Fascination (use of Mental Influence without hypnosis methods);
  2. Hypnotism (use of Mental Influence with ‘passes’ or hypnotic methods).
Fascination is used to influence people via the following three steps:
  1. Forming a strong Thought of what s/he wishes the other person to do.
  2. Silently, non-verbally project that Thought onto the target, charged with the force of a concentrated will.
‘The thought should be sent forth with the strength that usually accompanies a strong spoken statement, but you must not actually “speak” the words aloud – you should merely say them strongly “in your mind.”’ (p.46)
Atkinson illustrates the fascination method used by real estate agents and salesmen as follows:
‘They form a thought that the other person desires their goods very much, and then they send out the Thought-Wave that, “You desire my goods – you want them very much – you have an irresistible longing for them,” etc. (p.46)
7. Hypnotic Influence
With hypnosis, influence is increased via use of ‘passes, strokings or eye-influence.’ (p.50) Touching a subject is effective because, ‘the nerves of the arms and fingers afford a highly sensitive conductor for the mental currents which may be propelled over them to the mind of the subject, or to his nerves and muscles.’ (p.52) ‘It is also known that the eye has a peculiar property of transmitting the mental currents along the rays of light entering it and from thence to the eyes of the other person.’ (p.52) This is consistent with the research I referenced in Eyes Wide Open concerning the measurement of an energy source emitted by the human stare. This relates to the occultic practise of giving someone the ‘evil eye,’ or cursing them via a stare.
The subject ‘is rendered passive by a flow of mental energy calculated to render it more or less drowsy or sleepy, and therefore less calculated to set up powers of resistance to the Thought-Waves…’ However, a “deep sleep” condition is not necessary to render the will of the subject subservient’ to the hypnotist. In other words, people can by hypnotised without realising it.
Hypnotic influence was formerly named ‘Mesmerism’ after Frederick Mesmer (Mozart’s godfather). According to Atkinson (p.51), Mesmer re-discovered the ‘force and its use’ which ‘was known to the Ancients centuries before Mesmer’s time.’
The hypnotist induces a passive state in the subject’s mind, nerves or muscles, to reduce her ability to resist. He then ‘gives his orders or “verbal suggestions” accompanied by a projection of his Thought-Waves into the’ subject’s mind. People differ in their ‘degrees of impressionability to hypnotic influence – i.e., degrees of resistance.
Atkinson provides some examples of exercising hypnotic influence which are the very techniques employed by the likes of Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, and other charlatan ‘church’ leaders who practice that ‘slaying in the spirit’ Kundalini crap. Doesn’t this sound familiar:
‘Then standing in front of the subject tell him to take his will off his legs and stand perfectly passive and relaxed. Then looking him straight in the eyes, say to him: “Now, I am going to draw you forward toward me by my mental power – you will feel yourself falling forward toward me – don’t resist but let yourself toward me –  I will catch you, don’t be afraid – now come – come – come – now you’re coming, this way, coming – here, you’re coming, that’s right,” etc. You will find that he will begin to sway toward you and in a moment or two will fall forward in your arms… It will matters if you hold your hands on each side of his head, but just in front of him, hot touching him, however, and then draw away your hands, toward yourself, saying at the same time: “Come now – come – you’re coming,” etc. This experiment may be reversed by standing behind the subject and drawing him backward. Be sure to catch him in your arms when he falls and protect him from a fall to the floor.’ (p.53-4)
And here is another tactic employed by Bethel BS ‘churches’:
‘Or you may make him experience a feeling of heat and pain by touching your finger to his hand and telling him that it is hot.’ (p.54-5).
Atkinson offers a sound word of warning:
‘Beware of people who are always putting their hands on you, or patting or stroking you, or wishing to hold your hands a lot of the time. Many persons do this from force of habit, but others do so with the intention of producing a mild form of hypnotic influence on you.’ (p.56)
Imagine the influence occultists like WitchyD may exert under the guise of offering physical alternative therapies like remedial massage and kinesiology?
8. Long-Distance Influence
Here is the occult technique WitchyD unsuccessfully employed to influence Alison’s ex into reaching a desired financial settlement:
‘One of the most elementary, and yet one of the most effective, methods known to occultists is that of creating a mental Image of the person “treated”… in the sense of imagining him to be seated in a chair in front of the person treating him at a distance. The treater proceeds to give both verbal commands, and at the same time directs Thought-Waves toward the imaginary person seated before him. This process establishes a psychic condition between the treator and the actual person, although the latter may be removed from the treator by many miles of space. This was the method of the ancient magicians… (p.60)
‘A variation of the above, very common in former days, was to mould a clay or wax figure, calling it by the name of the person treated, and identifying it in the mind and imagination with the other person. A variation is also noticed in the cases where a photograph, lock of hair, article of clothing, etc., is used in this way as a psychic connecting link between the two persons. The practitioners of Black Magic, Witchcraft and other nefarious perversions of Mental Influence seemed to prefer these methods…’ (p61)
‘The treator sends his Thought-Waves toward the object, and in some cases actually talks (mentally) to the person by means of the medium mentioned. He may give commands, arguments, remonstrances, persuasion, etc., just as if the person were actually present.
 The ‘Astral Tube’ is another form of distant influence. This is established similarly to the ‘psychic-wire’ and projected at the target. The astral tube is a 6 inch to 1-foot wide ring formed in the imagination as a ‘vortex-ring’ which lengthens and extends toward the target. This technique ‘is employed in various forms of occult and psychic phenomena, such as clairvoyance and other forms of “psychomancy”…’  (p.63) This technique formed the basis of Projects like Looking Glass and Stargate.
One of the most advanced forms of Mental Influence involves the person simply standing or sitting quietly and concentrating until he attains a state of calm called ‘the Silence.’ The person then creates a strong mental picture of the target plus the desired behaviour or external conditions. This technique requires ‘Creative Will-power.’
9. Mass Influence
This refers to influencing the public, a crowd, or a large number of people simultaneously. Mass Influence ‘is used by nearly all who succeed in any form of business or profession, in which success calls for the attracting of other people toward the occupation of the person in question,’ particularly politicians, businessmen, financers and military leaders. (p.66)
‘The Mental Influence sent out by a strong businessman in a town will soon make itself felt in a subtle manner, and the store becomes a centre of attractive, although the public does not understand why. In the same way some lawyers spring into public favour, although not possessing greater ability than their legal brethren. And popular preachers make their influence felt in a community in similar ways…’ (p.70)
‘Some masters of this art of influencing the public create a mental picture of themselves sending our great volumes of Thought-Waves for a time, and then after imparting a rotary motion to the waves, until at last they form a mental whirlpool rushing round and round and always sucking in toward the centre. An effort of this kind acts on the mental plane just as a physical whirlpool acts on the physical plane, that is, it draws into its power all that comes into contact with its force. This is one of the most powerful forms of Influencing En Masse, and is used with great effect by many of the “strong men” of this age, who have acquainted themselves with the secrets of the ancient occultists. Ancient Occultism and Modern Finance seem far apart, but they are really working together to further the interests of some of these powerful minds of the day – and the public is paying the bill.’ (p.71)
‘…an individual who has cultivated the faculty of concentration and has acquired the art of creating sharp, clear, strong mental images… Such a man frequently “sees” people coming to him and his enterprises and falling in line with his plans. He mentally “sees” money flowing in to him, and all of his plans working out right.’ (pp. 71-2)
‘Thought pictured I mental images and then vitalised by the force of the desire and will tend to objectify themselves into material being. That is the whole of the thing.’ (p.73)
11. Black Magic Dangers
Atkinson warns: ‘Before practising any of these experiments, read what we have said in the chapter on “Magic Black and White,” and guard against employing the power for evil purposes, for the fate of the Black Magician is a sad one.’ (p.65-6)
In that chapter, Atkinson concludes:
‘Thoughts are like Boomerangs, in their tendency to return to their sender. To the poison of Black Magic Nature gives the antidote of Right-Thinking.’
Atkinson well understood and appreciated the relevance to the occult of left versus right hemispheric processing ability. It’s nice to find such validation for my ideas and writings.
12. Self-Protection
Atikinson concluded his book with a chapter on how to protect oneself from others’ attempts to exert mental influence. He recommended a method ‘employed by the adepts in Occultism’ and taught to ‘the initiates of the occult brotherhoods and lodges all over the world.’
 ‘This method of protection is based on the notion that ‘within each of us… is what occultists know as the Flame of the Spirit. This is what you recognise in consciousness as the “I AM” consciousness – that consciousness of Being which is far above the consciousness of personality, or the things of personality… This consciousness comes to the individual by reason of his contact with the great One Life of the Universe… And in this part of man’s consciousness, coupled with the sense of BEING an “I,” there resides a spark from the Divine Flame of Life and power, which has been called the WILL of man… This inner Will is real power, and when once recognised may be drawn upon as a source of unending and unfailing Strength… every person may draw upon this source of strength within them to … repel the thought-vibrations of the lower plane.’
Atkinson suggested, attempts to gain mental influence over you are repelled via ‘remembering the strength imminent in your “I,” aided by the statement (made silently to yourself): “I am an Immortal Spirit, using the Will within my Ego.”’
There is a God – and it’s not you. “I AM” is reserved for the Creator God of the Bible.
The greatest source of power over Mental Influence is free and not hidden beneath degrees of initiation. Having been raised with, and trained in, the content of Atkinson’s book, I discovered that Christian prayer in Jesus’ name trumps the occult, witchcraft, black magic, voodoo etc.
The fundamental difference between witchcraft and Biblical Christianity is this: witchcraft involves someone manipulating the external world and other people to achieve their own will. By contrast, Biblical Christianity concerns submitting our will to the all-powerful, all-knowing, omnipresent Creator God, and trusting Him with our future.
Alison’s sister, born psychic, predicts that my friend’s life will continue turning to shit so long as she follows her guru who is no guru. WitchyD does not hold a key to mysterious knowledge worth paying a dime for. Alison should have saved her dollars and downloaded the same occult info for free here:
The pale horse rides. Start prepping, before the masses – too busy consulting mediums, swinging in Sydney sex clubs, and booking their next cruise – realise, and supermarket shelves are stripped bare, leaving nothing but UHT goat milk…