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Israel’s crimes against the people of Palestine reveal a record of barbarism and cruelty unmatched in the modern world except for the unrivaled chronical of suffering resulting from murderous wars perpetrated by U.S. imperialism in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Nicaragua, and beyond.

The offspring of the Zionist movement, the state of Israel, has spawned a history of terrorism as vicious as it is pernicious. Settler colonial projects are racist and genocidal.  They involve the ethnic cleansing of native populations.

Israel’s history mirrors America’s.  Beginning with the first English colony at Jamestown, Virginia in 1607, settlers moved ever westward, bringing disease, forced population transfers, massacres, wars, broken treaties, reservations, and genocide to Native Americans.  The European invasion produced a holocaust for indigenous peoples on this continent that has yet to be acknowledged, let alone redressed, by the American government.

In historic Palestine, the colonists were European Zionists who set out to create a Jewish state on a land inhabited by an Arab population.  The unrelenting colonization of Palestine was undertaken by a people who claim victimhood. The Nazi holocaust has long been referred to by Zionists as a justification of  the creation of a Jewish state as well as a means to prevent criticism of Israel.  However, the project of Zionist colonialization predates the Nazi holocaust by more than half a century, preceding the publication of Theodore Herzl’s book The Jewish State in 1897.  For Zionists, any criticism of Israel is labeled an expression of anti-Semitism, providing a shield for their criminality.

Victimization propaganda is clearly exemplified by Israel’s repeated assertion that it bombs the Gaza Strip as an act of self-defense in response to rockets fired by Hamas, as if the settler state does nothing to provoke the missile barrage.

It does plenty.  And it has done so since its vile inception.

The Zionist movement introduced terrorism to the Middle East during its ‘War of Independence’ against the British when the Irgun and Stern paramilitary gangs murdered British commanders, shot British constables, hung captured British soldiers, assassinated a United Nations representative, and bombed crowded Palestinian venues.

The Irgun bombed the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, causing the deaths of 91 people including Arab, British, Jewish, Armenian, Egyptian, Russian, and Greek residents, workers, and visitors on July 22, 1946.

Zionist terrorists belonging to the Stern gang assassinated United Nations representative Count Folke Bernadotte of Sweden on September 17, 1948.  Bernadotte was on a mission to mediate the conflict that erupted after the U.N. General Assembly, in a corrupted vote, partitioned Palestine on November 29, 1947 giving 56% of the most fertile land to Jewish settlers and 44% of the land to the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine.

The Irgun and Stern gangs bombed Arab fruit and vegetable markets, busses, coffee shops, and homes slaughtering Palestinians throughout the 1930s.  Two notorious right-wing terrorists, Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, became Prime Ministers of Israel.

The Zionist terror campaign to cleanse indigenous Arabs and Christians from the land they inhabited for centuries developed in three phases.   The first phase began before the United Nations partition resolution in 1947.  The second phase took place six months prior to the end of the British Mandate and withdrawal of British troops on May 14, 1948. And the third phase commenced with the declaration of the state of Israel on May 14, 1948, when the nascent Jewish state implemented ‘Plan Dalet’ to drive Palestinians from their homeland.

A horrific massacre was carried out by the Irgun gang in the village of Deir Yassin where 107 unarmed men, women, and children were murdered in cold blood on April 9, 1948.  Other massacres were perpetrated by Haganah and Palmach troops.

Over 500 Palestinian villages were occupied and depopulated.  More than 700,000 Palestinians were forced to flee for their lives in the onslaught.  The armies of five Arab countries intervened to stop the rampage of Zionist forces and were defeated.  By the end of 1948, a terrible Nakba, or catastrophe, befell the Palestinian people as 78% of historic Palestine was lost.

Israel’s expansionist machinations did not stop there.

David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister unleased the Haganah and Mossad in 1950 to conduct a covert terrorist bombing campaign against Iraqi Jews in order to induce the Jewish community living in Iraq to flee to Israel.

In another infamous act of terrorism, the Palestinian village of Qibya was attacked by Israeli troops who murdered 69 defenseless men, women, and children on October 14, 1953.  Leading the attack was Ariel Sharon.

In 1956, Israel, supported by the British and the French, attacked Egypt after Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalized the Suez canal.  The assailants were forced to cease their attack by an irate President Eisenhower, who vehemently opposed the operation.  It was the last time an American president stood up to Israel and the American Zionist lobby.

In 1967, Israel attacked Egypt, Jordan, and Syria in a six-day war that brought defeat and humiliation to Arab armies. Israel conquered the remaining 22% of Palestine, Syria’s Golan Heights, and Egypt’s Sinai desert.  Israel annexed the Golan Heights in 1981 and returned the Sinai to Egypt as the result of the Camp David Accords of 1978.

During the war Israel attacked the USS Liberty in international waters near the Sinai, killing 34 American crew members and wounding 171 others.  Israel was never held accountable for the attack.

Immediately after the war, Israel launched a settler movement in the newly occupied territories that involved construction of huge Jewish only settlement blocks and bypass roads connecting the colonies.  A massive separation wall was constructed on Palestinian land in 2002.  Approximately 622,670 settlers live in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem as of 2019, rendering proposals for a two-state solution void of any viable meaning.

In 1972, Israel began an ongoing program of assassinating Palestinian leaders.  The extra-judicial executions are part of a terror campaign that included the murder of Yasir Arafat and Khalid al-Wazir of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Wadie Haddad and Abu Ali Mustafa of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and Kamel Nasser, a Palestinian Christian poet.  Israel assassinated the founder of Hamas, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and his successor, Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi.  The Mossad tried and failed to kill Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal in 1997.

In 1973, Egypt and Syria went to war against Israel to recapture land lost in 1967 and were defeated.  Both superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union went on nuclear high alert during the conflict.  The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries slapped an oil embargo on the United States as punishment for its support of Israel during the war.

In 1978, Israel invaded South Lebanon in the “Litani River Operation” to drive PLO fighters away from its southern border.  Between 1,100 and 2,000 Lebanese and Palestinians were killed and 250,000 displaced by the invasion.

In 1979, Benjamin Netanyahu organized the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism.  At the conference, Netanyahu, a disciple of Irgun and Stern terrorists Began and Shamir, announced a “war on terror” by which he meant a war on Palestinian resistance fighters who would henceforth be criminalized as “terrorists” justifying preemptive military strikes, assassinations, home demolitions, preventive detention, torture, and suspension of civil and human rights.  Known as the “Likud Doctrine”, the “war on terror” would be adopted as the “Bush Doctrine” after 9/11 by neoconservative allies of Israel.

In 1981, Israel bombed a nuclear facility in Iraq.  The attack was supported in Congress by Joe Biden who called himself “Israel’s best Catholic friend.”

In 1982, the Israelis invaded Lebanon, leading to an occupation that continued until their army was driven out by Lebanese resistance fighters led by Hezbollah in 2000.  An estimated 17,825 Lebanese, Syrians, and Palestinians were killed and 30,203 were wounded during the invasion.  In one horrifying incident, Israeli troops commanded by Ariel Sharon surrounded the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila near Beirut allowing right-wing Christian Phalange militias to enter the camps and massacre 3,500 Palestinian civilians.  Photographs of the carnage shocked the world, revealing Israel’s responsibility for the savage crime.

On December 9, 1987, Palestinians revolted against brutal conditions spawned by twenty years of military occupation.  The first Palestinian Intifada was met with brutal repression.  Israel’s military was ordered to shoot protesters, deliberately break the bones of captured Palestinians with batons and rocks, routinely torture prisoners in Israeli jails, abduct and torture children, and demolish homes.

One of the most notorious massacres of Palestinians was perpetrated by an Israeli settler, Baruch Goldstein on February 26, 1996 in Hebron.  Goldstein, an American physician from Brooklyn, New York, walked into the Ibrahimi Mosque and shot 29 Palestinian men and boys to death.  He wounded another 125 Muslims worshipers during the rampage.  Goldstein was a member of the Jewish Defense League, a para-military organization founded by the fascistic Rabbi Meir Kahane.  The city of Hebron remains on military lock down to this day as a handful of Jewish settlers terrorize the Palestinian population.

The Jewish fundamentalist settler movement comprises ultra-nationalist groups such as Gush Emunim founded by Rabbi Moshe Levinger, an unapologetic Arab killer, who believe it is their duty to “redeem,” meaning steal, the “Promised Land” for “God’s Chosen People.”  Gush is one of the most violent settler groups in the West Bank.  The history of armed settler violence is extreme.  Settlers routinely gun down Palestinians, firebomb their homes, cut down their olive and citrus trees, some over 100 years old and considered sacred, and steal Palestinian land.

On April 18, 1996, Israeli troops shelled a United Nations compound in Southern Lebanon killing 106 Lebanese civilians, half of whom were children.  The dead were among 800 civilians who took shelter from an Israeli bombardment of their towns and villages.  The Qana massacre was ordered by Prime Minister Shimon Peres, who accused Hezbollah of using civilians as human shields, a persistent Israeli lie meant to excuse the murder of civilians.

On September 28, 2000, Ariel Sharon provoked a massive revolt by invading the Haram al-Sharif compound which houses Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, surrounded by hundreds of armed police.  The Al-Aqsa Intifada was the second Palestinian uprising fought to win freedom from Israel’s malicious occupation.

In 2002, Ariel Sharon waged war to destroy the Oslo peace process, obliterate the Palestinian Authority, and crush the Al-Aqsa Intifada in the West Bank and Gaza.  The Israeli military targeted Palestinian security forces and conducted massacres in Bethlehem, Nablus, Ramallah, and Jenin refugee camp.  The atrocities were supported by George W. Bush.

In 2003, right-wing pro-Israel neoconservative zealots in Washington carried out their plans for war in Iraq by decimated an independent Arab nation supportive of Palestinian independence as part of a fraudulent “War on Terrorism.” The fragmentation of Iraq was supervised by U.S. viceroy Paul Bremmer, whose directives followed the blueprint advocated in the Yinon thesis, a policy document that advocated the breakup of Arab countries posing a threat to Israeli hegemony.  Over one million Iraqis died as the result of the U.S. destruction of Iraq.  The dirty war in Syria is the latest application of the Yinon thesis.

In 2003, Rachel Corrie, a young American peace activist was deliberately crushed to death by an Israeli army bulldozer as she tried to block the demolition of a Palestinian home in Gaza.  Rachel belonged to the International Solidarity Movement, a pacifist organization that opposes the occupation of Palestine.  Another youthful ISM peace activist from Britain, Thomas Hurndall, was shot to death by an Israeli sniper as he tried to escort Palestinian children to safety during an Israeli siege in Gaza.

On July 12, 2006, Israel launched a war against Hezbollah that involved the terror bombing of Southern Lebanon and Beirut, causing 1,109 deaths, 4,399 injuries, and 1 million displaced persons with devastating damage to buildings, homes and infrastructure, an Israeli specialty.

With the victory of Hamas in Palestinian national elections held in 2006, Israel imposed a near-starvation blockage on Gaza in 2007, blocking land, sea, and air transportation to the coastal enclave.  Gaza, with a population of 2 million Palestinians, 45% of whom are under the age of 14 years, is the largest open-air prison in the world.  It is also the poorest, with its inhabitants facing hunger and darkness. The blockade was imposed after the United States attempted to provoke a Palestinian civil war between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.  In the fighting, Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip and the PA exerted authority on behalf of Israel over enclaves in the West Bank.

Not content with starving and humiliating the people of Gaza, Israel launched a series of military campaigns designed to annihilate resistance in the strip.

Operation Cast Led in 2008/09,

Operation Pillar of Defense in 2012, and

Operation Protective Edge in 2014

All of which were genocidal attacks on a captive population conducted under the pretext of fighting Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.  Thousands of Palestinians were killed, injured, crippled, disfigured, and driven from their homes.  The infrastructure of Gaza was destroyed and its people only survived because of an elaborate tunnel system built by Hamas that supplemented the small amount of aid allowed into the strip.  Egypt’s dictatorial President Sisi attempted to flood the tunnel system at Israel’s behest in 2015.

In 2011, Israel began relentlessly bombing Syria acting as a jihadist air force in the U.S. dirty war against the Assad government.  Israel has also provided medical treatment for jihadist fighters.

In 2018, Palestinians launched the “Great March of Return” to reclaim land stolen from them in 1948 and 1967 and to demand an end to the siege in Gaza.  Israel brutally repressed peaceful demonstrators by murdering 267 Palestinians and injuring 20,000 to 30,000 others.  Some protesters are crippled for life.  Others had limbs amputated.  The Gandhian approach to civil disobedience can only work if an oppressor has a moral conscience.  Israel has none.

In 2021, Israeli operatives killed Iran’s top nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.  Israel fears that its nuclear monopoly would be broken if Iran developed the capacity to produce nuclear weapons, neutralizing its ability to attack Arab and Muslim countries at will.

Israel’s murderous past proved to be an ominous prelude to what lie ahead.

In May 2021, Israel escalated ethnic cleansing of Palestinians living in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem, sent its police into the Al-Aqsa Mosque to smash Muslims who protested the evictions of families from their homes, perpetrated genocidal bombings of Gaza in response to rockets fired by Hamas protesting the Al-Aqsa assault, and unleased rabid mobs of right-wing Jewish extremists and armed settlers against Palestinians living in Israeli cities.

Israel committed atrocities by bombing Gaza’s civilian population and destroying infrastructure needed to sustain life. To hide its crimes, Israel bombed Al Jazeera and Associated Press media outlets in Gaza, and declared the strip a “closed military zone” off limits to journalists.  The deliberate destruction of Gaza’s farms and infrastructure precipitated a humanitarian crisis as residents are without water, electricity, sanitation, adequate food, and medicine.

Entire families were eradicated in Gaza by Israeli air strikes.  Dozens of men, women, and children have been buried alive under the rubble of collapsed apartment buildings.

Imposing a starvation blockade and bombing a defenseless population are crimes against humanity and war crimes. The attacks are savage and sadistic.  Israel’s strategic aim is to cripple Hamas and make Gaza uninhabitable. Inflicting collective punishment on a captive population is genocide.

Israel’s war on the Palestinian people is abetted by the United States.  Joe Biden’s late calls for a “cease fire” were a rhetorical deception meant to provide Israel with an opportunity to attack Hamas and punish the people of Gaza.

During the Israeli bombardment, 265 Palestinians were murdered in Gaza, including 63 children.  Over 72,000 Gazans have been displaced from their homes.  Israeli occupation forces shot 10 Palestinian protesters dead in the West Bank.  In Israel, 12 Israelis and 2 migrant workers were killed by Hamas missiles.

Palestinians have responded with protest marches and a general strike across the West Bank, Israeli cities, and the Gaza Strip unifying resistance to occupation.  Massive pro-Palestinian solidarity protests have taken place in Australia, Bangladesh, Britain, Canada, Chile, France, Jordan, Italy, Germany, Kenya, Morocco, New Zealand, Sudan, South Africa, Switzerland, Pakistan, Tunisia, Turkey, and beyond.

In the United States, protesters took to the streets of Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Dearborn, Des Moines, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington in solidarity with Palestine.

The message is clear.  Millions of people are disgusted by the racist brutality of the Israeli terror state and angrily demand “freedom for Palestine.”

The butchers who run the terror state of Israel and their enablers in Washington have isolated themselves around the world.  The U.S. empire is unsustainable.  The cost in lives and treasure is too great to endure.  Its people will no longer tolerate endless wars, particularly in the Middle East.

In an unprecedented move, members of Congress led by Bernie Sanders are questioning military aid to Israel considering the assault on Gaza.  Minnesota representative Betty McCollum introduced a bill designed to restrict military aid to Israel used to violate Palestinian human rights in April 2021, a month prior to the latest Zionist atrocities.

Israel is wedded to imperialism. When America’s empire is finally compelled to stop supporting the apartheid state, Israel will suffer an existential catastrophe, because it has no other friends in the world.

The Zionist project in Israel is a chronicle of relentless barbarity and deceit.  Zionism’s core ideology is racist and genocidal.  The Zionist state is an apartheid state, a pariah state, a terror state.  It is condemned by its own heinous philosophy to provoke contempt and revulsion. The apartheid terror state will not survive the historical reckoning that awaits it.

Source https://www.globalresearch.ca/israel-profile-terror-state/5745960 




EXCERPT .......

If you decide to turn away from God, there will be a Jew to catch you with one of his degenerate movements, pseudo-intellectual ideologies, or money-making schemes. I fell for the Jewish trick of sexual liberation and paid dearly for it. Many others fall for greed, cosmopolitan living, new atheism, pornography, or the self-glorification that comes from Jewish-run social networking and dating apps. I must conclude that Jews are God’s punishment to those with weak faith. If you stray too far from God, you in essence become a Jew.

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Maike Hickson: What is meant by "Great Reset"?

Carlo Maria Viganò: The Great Reset is an expression coined a few years ago by the Masonic elite that dominates the world. With Great Reset we mean a sort of global revolution, decided by this elite to "reset" the entire social fabric, imposing on the masses a series of changes aimed at preparing the reign of the Antichrist, which in the absence of calamitous events would be difficult to be democratically adopted with their consent. The ideals of the better world, of respect for the environment, of fraternity among peoples, of inclusiveness are only a hypocritical and deceptive way to convey this revolution and cloak it with an alleged nobility of purpose which concretely hides the true purposes of elite; by admission of which, "nothing will be the same as before".

MH: Who are the key people behind the Great Reset? What do we know about their personal beliefs?

CMV: The elite, which promotes the Great Reset is composed of the main world organizations, from the World Economic Forum of Klaus Schwab to the UN, from the Trilateral Commission to the Bilderberg Group, with the support of their servants in Governments, in high finance , in multinationals, and the media. This process has continued for centuries, led by the great dynasties of capital such as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, who heavily interfere in the politics of the states thanks to their immeasurable heritage.

The matrix is ​​essentially Masonic, both for the principles expressed, and for the hatred that they manifest towards Religion, and even more towards Our Lord Jesus Christ. If we consider the requests promoted by the supporters of the Great Reset, we can bring them back to the revolutionary and Masonic triad: freedom, equality, fraternity. The Catholic knows well, instructed by the Magisterium of the Roman Pontiffs, what infernal subversion is implied by these principles: freedom is rebellion against the Sovereignty of God and His holy Law; equality places all people on the same level - the lowest - denying the differences and the individuality of each, and above all annulling the fundamental distinction between those who recognize Christ as the one God and Lord and those who reject Him;

Let us consider an important thing: man is made in the image of God in the sense that he reflects, in his faculties, the attributes of the Most Holy Trinity: the power of the Father, the wisdom of the Son, the love of the Holy Spirit. The Great Reset wants to overturn this connatural correspondence of man to his Creator, Lord and Redeemer in a blasphemous parody, unhinging his memory, distorting his intellect, perverting his will.

Everything that is done in the name of globalist ideology has this unacknowledged but very evident purpose: we must no longer have memory of our past and our history, we must no longer know how to recognize Good from Evil, we must no longer want virtue and reject the vice; indeed, we are driven to condemn Good as intolerant and to approve Evil as a liberation and a redemption from Christian morality. And if God is rejected as Father, there must be no more paternity even in the natural order, because this is a mirror of that. This is why this theological hatred against the natural family, against the nascent life. If God did not die for us on the Cross, there must be no more suffering, no more pain, no more death, because in pain we can understand the meaning of sacrifice and accept it for love of the One who shed His Blood for us. If God is not Love, there must no longer be love among men, but only fornication and satisfaction of pleasures, because if we want the good of others we are led to share with them the most precious good we have, Faith, and we cannot let them fall into the abyss in the name of a perverse concept of freedom. They are not atheists, they do not deny God, but they hate him, as Lucifer hates him. and we cannot let them plunge into the abyss in the name of a perverse concept of freedom. They are not atheists, they do not deny God, but they hate him, as Lucifer hates him. and we cannot let them plunge into the abyss in the name of a perverse concept of freedom. They are not atheists, they do not deny God, but they hate him, as Lucifer hates him.

MH: In your opinion, are we facing a battle between good and evil?

CMV: The Great Reset is not only the last act before the establishment of the kingdom of the Antichrist, but it has acquired all the connotations of a real religion, borrowing its language, creating ceremonies, appointing its own priests. The rituality of the present pandemic is very evident, especially in having wanted to give the vaccine a sacramental value, to the point of resorting to priests and Bishops - and to the Pope himself - to promote it, indeed to preach its salvific indispensability, indicating it as a "moral duty Of every believer. Thus, in the prohibition of the Holy Sacrifice to the true God and the ban on administering the true Sacraments, the new Covid religion has imposed itself with new hygienic rites and new health sacraments.

The confidence of the Corona virus adept in the media narrative is the grotesque parody of the act of faith required of the Catholic, with the difference that the dogmas of the health religion for which unconditional consent is required are totally irrational, unreasonable and illogical ; there is no adherence to a truth that transcends reason, but that contradicts it, showing that Covid borders, like false religions, into superstition. Those who believe in Covid therefore find themselves in the position of having to show submission to its sacred ministers even in the face of concepts that repel medical science and common sense: the use of masks is mandatory even if they do not serve to protect against contagion; the vaccine is imposed even if it does not give immunity; cures not approved by the Sanhedrin are prohibited even if their effectiveness is evident. And we should add: the more absurd the order given, the more the adept feels himself a member of the sect in the very act of obeying.

It is disconcerting that those who today abdicate reason in the face of the proclamations of the virologists-pontiffs declare themselves "rationalists" and a convinced supporter of science against any dogmatist fideism. On the other hand, when you no longer believe in God, you end up believing anything.

MH: In light of the fact that the World Economic Forum supports the strong lockdown policies implemented following the Coronavirus, also praising the benefits of the lockdowns for cleaning the air, it seems that the Covid crisis goes hand in hand with their plans and is a useful tool for the Great Reset. Do you see links between the WEF and the managers of the Corona crisis?

CMV: I believe I was among the first Bishops to denounce the intrinsic link of the pseudopandemic with the intentions of the Great Reset. There is a statement by Pierre J. Gilbert ( here), very interesting and revealing, which dates back to 1995, which lists all the steps that today we see taking place before our eyes with the tragic farce of Covid, from the mass inoculation of a vaccine to the setting up of detention camps for the dissenters. This converted Freemason revealed the aims of the infamous sect twenty-five years ago: then his denunciation was branded as the absurd rant of a conspiracy theorist, but today it shows itself in its harsh and terrible reality, demonstrating that the plan of the Great Reset hatched by the enemies of God it is not limited to the purely economic aspects that it uses as a tool to keep the world of finance linked, but extends to the very essence of our life as individuals and as members of society, to erase every vestige of Christianity. Behind all this is the Evil One,


We must get rid of the absurd narrative of the mainstream media once and for all , according to which Covid-19 is a deadly virus in front of which states are organizing to face an unexpected and difficult to contain pandemic emergency.


- First of all, Covid, according to eminent experts, would be the result of a manipulation carried out in a Wuhan laboratory; - secondly, this virus, in itself non-lethal, could be effectively fought with existing drugs and inexpensive therapies, while the WHO gave erroneous and deviant indications, suggesting protocols with devastating results, preventing home care and the onset of complications by requiring therapies for respiratory rather than circulatory syndrome;

- he then ordered to register all the dead as deceased for Covid, regardless of the real cause of death, advising against autopsies and going so far as to recommend the cremation of corpses.

On the basis of these inflated figures, the media have created a social alarm, an action of real terrorism towards the entire population, imposing unjustified closures, useless masks, social distancing. To detect the presumed positivity to the virus, totally inappropriate swabs and tests were used for diagnostic purposes and with easily falsifiable results, as reported by their creator. Finally, he promoted the use of an alleged vaccine, which is actually a gene serum, admittedly ineffective as regards viral immunity and with widely demonstrated short-term side effects, while the long-term ones are still to be evaluated. A vaccine which, being produced to fight a mutant virus, it is destined to have to be renewed periodically on the basis of the phantom "variants" of Covid, and that the rudiments of medical science would advise against carrying out in full pandemic, because it could give rise to forms of immunological resistance. In this criminal plan, science has turned into esotericism, doctors into sorcerers, dissenters into heretics to be excommunicated or subjected to compulsory medical treatment.


The same mistakes - for example the decision to hospitalize the elderly in the RSA spreading the infection and exterminating thousands of fragile people, after having weakened their immune defenses - were committed in different contexts and times, even in the presence of unequivocal precedents, with a plan shared. It is evident that there is a single script under a single direction, with actors playing the part entrusted to them.


I add, as proof of what I have been saying for a year, that the states that have not applied the containment measures and the therapies imposed by the WHO are those that register the least number of deaths; and some nations that have not accepted the diktats of world organizations have suffered attempts of corruption or coup d'état, or have been eliminated: I am referring for example to Belarus ( here ) or Tanzania ( here ), just to mention the two cases best known. Without forgetting that the official statistics on total deaths in 2020 are almost everywhere below the average of recent years: if Covid were a real pandemic, we should have figures similar to those that occurred between 1918 and 1920 for the Spanish. .


In conclusion, Covid is a pretext with which to give semblance of legitimacy to limitations of natural freedoms and fundamental rights of individuals, in order to create an economic and social crisis with which to make the Great Reset irreversible. The state of economic prostration in which European countries find themselves - in particular those of Catholic tradition such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Poland - forces them to submit to the blackmail of the European Union and to be subject to of the dispossession by American, Chinese, German, French multinationals ... Parallel to the unhinging of the economic fabric, it was decided to concentrate profits on a few multinational companies, for example Amazon, Just Eat, Ikea and other companies - including large retailers - which have benefited enormously from the closure of small and medium-sized businesses and restaurants. Not to mention the profits of the pharmaceutical companies, behind which there are investment funds headed by Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook, among others.


Another sector that has benefited enormously from the lockdown has been pornography: the multinational Mindgeek has increased its turnover, helping to bribe millions of young people and adults locked up at home by the pandemic emergency through promotional offers and free subscriptions. , against which the number of customers and consequently the price of third-party advertising has increased enormously. Consider that this site makes more online traffic than Amazon, Twitter and Facebook ( here ) with 3.5 billion visitors per month ( here ). As we can see, the pandemic offers a precious opportunity for those who cultivate the vice and perversions of the masses in order to be able to better maneuver them.


MH: It seems that the West has imitated the lockdown policy that was first used by China, a totalitarian country. Doesn't this show how much we Westerners are already influenced by China? How else to explain why the West would imitate Chinese methods?


CMV: The Chinese Communist dictatorship is certainly one of the protagonists of the tragic pandemic farce: there is a concrete suspicion that it produced the virus and the certainty that it spread it abroad, banning internal flights but allowing international ones; it is certainly taking advantage of the economic crisis, following which financial groups buy infrastructures, strategic companies, hotels and prestigious properties, starting with Italy. Beijing is aware that the establishment of the New World Order obtained with the Great Reset will entail a "communism" of the liberal ideology, and is taking advantage of this to expand its power in the world, also thanks to the fifth columns it finances in the various states: it is precisely these days the denunciation of Edward Luttwak,here ).


MH: Your Excellency was one of the first voices that warned us that the Coronavirus is being used for political purposes. I remember how in the very early stages, last year in March I was strongly influenced by people like the immunologist Dr. Richard Hattchet, who claimed that "this is the scariest disease I have encountered in my entire career", comparing the Corona virus with the situation of the Second World War (11.45 minutes) and praising the success and the "incredible series of interventions" undertaken by the Chinese Communists in Wuhan. Now I learn that Hattchet was working on a vaccine for this virus and that he was funded with $ 20 million by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


CMV: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the main sponsors of the virus and at the same time Microsoft, as I mentioned earlier, is the first shareholder of the Blackrock investment fund, which finances Pfizer, Moderna and Astra Zeneca. Furthermore, the Foundation is among the first sponsors of the WHO and has ramifications in many national and international health organizations. We know that in many speeches Bill Gates theorized the use of the pandemic to reduce the world population, and that he holds the patent on population health tracking systems, as well as a payment system that interfaces with the tracking chip. To say that Gates is a philanthropist is like saying that Jack the Ripper was a fan of anatomy.


I would like to recall, confirming the conflict of interest of international institutions with regard to their sponsors, that Bill Gates and George Soros donated almost 1,400,000 euros to the Council of Europe between 2004 and 2013 and almost 690,000 euros between 2006 and 2014, realizing "a real privatization of international organizations and, what is worse, of human rights" ( here ), as denounced by Grégor Puppinck, French lawyer, Director of the European Center for Law and Justice.


The aim of Gates, Soros and other "tycoons" committed to the globalist agenda is the decimation of the world population, the enslavement of the masses and the concentration of power and finance in the hands of a few criminals who aim to dominate the world. and the preparation of the advent of the Antichrist. Faced with this infernal plan, the tool of the Covid-19 virus to impose vaccines that make billions of people chronically ill is perfectly consistent with the claims of these and with the unfortunate complicity of political and religious leaders from almost all over the world, including Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Which, as we know, with the agreement with Beijing has betrayed the Chinese Catholics, handing the laity and the Hierarchy into the hands of the schismatic sect under the orders of the Communist Party, in exchange for generous funding.


MH: You recently said in an interview that "the UN Secretary-General recently stated that the virus was used to suppress dissent." Can you tell us more about what the Secretary General said?


CMV: The statements of the Secretary General of the United Nations can be understood both as an accusation and a warning to States not to proceed in the suppression of dissent, and as an acknowledgment of the real intentions of the elite. Let's say that this intervention confirms the evidence of the facts, especially as regards the attempt to impose the vaccine passport, and with it the mass vaccine or the discrimination of those who do not agree to have it inoculated. I do not exclude that this admission may also serve as a way to reassure dissenters, making them believe that the UN is alien to the globalist plan.


MH: Does Your Excellency believe that the global elites working for the Great Reset are actually aligned with China, regardless of whether the Chinese people are oppressed by a dictatorship?

CMV: The Chinese dictatorship is the paradigm of what the whole world awaits, if the alliance between liberalists and communists is definitively sealed. China demonstrates to the elite that dictatorship is the only possible way to impose the Great Reset on the masses, replicating in a form adapted to today's situation what Mao Zedong did with the Great Cultural Revolution in the 1960s. Nonetheless, I believe that, at some point, the purposes of the Great Reset and those of Communist China will no longer coincide, especially when it comes to abolishing the debt of the states from which China draws enormous interests: it would find itself overnight. deprived of an economic power over other nations which it is not willing to give up, unless an equally profitable alternative is offered to it from a financial and political point of view.


MH: Since we have copied China's lockdown rules, should we expect the West to also increasingly imitate the Chinese repression of political dissent and religious groups, especially Catholics and Christians in general?

 CMV: It seems clear to me, as I just said, that the model of dictatorship currently in force in China will also have to be applied to the States on which the Great Reset will have to be imposed: civil, political and religious dissent is neither contemplated nor tolerated, especially when it demonstrates with valid arguments and evident proofs the grotesque conspiracy of the New World Order against the peoples. The signs have already been present for some time also in the West and in "free" countries: ruthless censorship on social media, total enslavement of the mainstream media , exasperated control of the life of individuals, tracking of movements and, last but not least, the so-called social credit , already adopted in China and that some theorize should also be used by us.

The social credit is used to assign a score to every citizen who must report its reliability before the state, based on information held by the government based on the analysis of big data, concerning the economic and social condition of citizens. It is, in essence, a form of mass surveillance aimed at classifying individuals and companies, with the possibility of expelling individuals and society from social life, where they do not respect the parameters decided by the Government. Every citizen is rewarded or punished, on the basis of his own behavior; some types of punishment consist of a ban on flights, exclusion from private schools, slowing down the internet connection, exclusion from high prestige jobs, not being able to book stays in hotels and finally registering on a public ban list. If we consider the measures that are being adopted thanks to the pandemic regarding the "vaccination passport", it seems to me that the Chinese scheme is being implemented almost everywhere.

As regards the repression of religious dissent, it should be noted that Bergoglio has shown that he wants to replace the Catholic Church with an ecumenical and globalist structure that retains only the name, the brand of the Bride of Christ.It is no coincidence that even in the Catholic sphere the delegitimization of those who are not willing to renounce the Faith in the name of enslavement to the dominant ideology is becoming stronger and stronger; and on the opposite front, the Holy See is careful not to condemn the heterodox doctrines propagated by some Episcopal Conferences, starting with the German, Belgian and Dutch ones. Indeed: the ideological basis of those doctrines - for example the blessing of sodomitic couples or the religious indifferentism promoted by the so-called ecumenical dialogue - are found in Bergoglio's "magisterium" and are consistent with the heretical approach begun with Vatican II, which it started the process of dissolution of traditional society which was followed by the Sixty-eight in Europe and America and, in fact, the Cultural Revolution in China.


MH: In light of a possible growing collaboration between the global elites of the Great Reset and China towards a less free society, what do you think of Our Lady of Fatima's warning that without proper consecration of Russia, this nation would spread the his mistakes all over the world, with Communism being his main mistake?

CMV: The failure to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary led to the spread of Communism throughout the world; today we see that Communism allied with the other sworn enemy of Christianity, Liberalism. This infernal alliance should lead to the establishment of the New Order and the advent of the Antichrist. But let's not forget that Our Lady said that, before the final persecution, the world would enjoy a period of peace. I think that the Great Reset and the satanic project of the New Order under the Masonic Synarchy has not yet managed to establish itself, even if we have come very close to it. I hope and pray that Providence is using this pseudopandemic to show us the dystopian world that awaits us if we do not know how to return to God, if we persist in offending Him and violating His Commandments, if we deny the divine kingship of Our Lord by preferring to live under the tyranny of Evil. Many who until yesterday were still convinced of the goodness of the globalist project and its compatibility with the Faith are beginning to understand how anti-human and anti-Christ it is. Perhaps all is not lost, if we know how to understand that there is no peace except where Christ is recognized as King:pax Christi in Regno Christi . Whoever believes he can build a prosperous and peaceful society without founding it on the rock of Our Lord will end up in the same way as whoever wanted to erect the Tower of Babel to challenge God. Dextera tua, Domine, magnifica est in fortitude: dextera tua, Domine, percussit inimicum (Ex 15: 6).


MH: What can we Catholics do to stop a process so frightening and widespread throughout the world and to restore our constitutional freedoms that have been violated and limited in the name of the health emergency?

CMV: The violation of "constitutional freedoms" is only one aspect of the problem: before this comes the violation of the Law of God, in the name of which abortion, euthanasia, sodomy and the worst perversions are called "rights" , while they represent a challenge to the Majesty of God. Let us remember this well: Deus non iridetur(Gal 6: 7), one cannot make fun of the Lord, much less challenge him. To stop this infernal race towards the abyss we have only one solution: to change our life, by radically converting; evangelize those who do not believe by example and with the word; pray to the Lord that he will make the Church Hierarchy return to be a witness of Christ and not a servant of the world; invoke the Blessed Virgin to grant us to have a holy and God-fearing Pope, who places himself as a new prophet in this Nineveh that is the modern world, admonishing the powerful of the earth as John Paul II still knew how to do on fundamental issues such as respect for life from conception to natural death or on the family.

 Let us stop believing that we can do without God, of thinking that it is enough to follow any creed to be saved, or that the One and Triune God who has revealed himself to us and who sacrificed His Only Begotten Son for our salvation can be placed on the same level as the false and lying idols, starting with the accursed pachamama .

Rather, let us try to ensure that Christ reigns first of all in our hearts, and consequently in our families, and then reigns also in our societies. If we know how to be the salt of the earth (Mt 5, 13) for the restoration of the Kingdom of Our Lord, society can only benefit from it; if instead we support the infernal plan of the Great Reset in the name of an impossible brotherhood between Good and Evil, we will inexorably be doomed together with God's enemies, to be trampled on by men (ibid.).


+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

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