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STATEMENT TO YOU, DEAR READERS of our blog and social media pages


Our blog posts and social media posts are flavoured by Conservative Christian values. You may have noticed that we rail against the Western Imperialist System quite a bit, as exemplified by our criticism of support for Ukraine, the persecution of Christians and innocent citizens in Syria and Yemen, the starvation of children from Western imposed sanctions, the forever war actions and narratives, the government controls imposed on us plebs throughout the ‘pandemic’ along with the forced medical treatments and so on.

And yes, we have railed against leaders like Biden et al, ScoMo, BoJo, Macron, Trudeau, Adern and Albo……… the whole bluddy lot of them whether they are left or right.

Let’s get one thing straight.

In Australia, for example, true Conservative values have been destroyed gradually since Menzies. Successive leaders have destroyed our manufacturing of everything from Steel to shoes, from cars to clothing. These globalists signed our allegiances away to the U.N. and its affiliates from the old Lima Declaration right up until the present move to sign up to the WEF Pandemic Treaty. They have introduced school curricula to indoctrinate our future generation, including future leaders, into the anti-family globohomo narrative and in doing so THEY HAVE ABUSED OUR KIDS. The universities have been infiltrated by Hegelian and Marxist ideas in the Communist march through the institutions to indoctrinate young leaders into the gender fluidity paradigm, support the Alphabet Bloc to destroy marriage and family, to give rise to third wave feminism and to denigrate men as patriarchal extremists. And this is not to mention the promotion of importing foreign anti-Christian, anti-western, counter cultural migration that infects our media, for one thing, with anti-patriot ideals and counter culture methods to denigrate our heritage and traditional way of life.

I won’t even talk about America – the driving force in degeneration of standards that leads the ‘free world’ in corruption and pretence.

We do NOT live in a liberal democracy any more. It is not even Libertarianism on steroids. We now live in a Western world dominated by the globalist elites who destroy nationalism, patriotism, individualism and our sovereignty. WE WILL NOT STAY SILENT. We stand firmly with the humans of the world, whether they be in Alaska or Zanzibar, A to Z, Christian or not, especially with the defenceless in countries wracked by the Globalists’ wars and their sanctions that are designed to force regime change for sovereign countries to fall into line in the global financial and trade systems. THE WEST HAS BEEN INFILTRATED BY CULTURAL MARXISM OF THE TROTSKY VARIEY which defectors from the Soviet Union warned would happen to the West. It has happened and very few leaders have resisted except for the likes of Hungary, Poland somewhat and other Visgrad states, Brazil and some African states.

WHAT IS YOUR WORLDVIEW? Do we disrupt it by criticising what may appear to you as criticism of our valued Western idealism? If your concerns are with who gets married next on MAFS, or how much money the new government can put in your pocket, then we will leave you to it, with the hope that you give some consideration to our posts as well as the many other alternative sources that Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Government, and Big Banks continually manage to censor with their labels of fake news and conspiracy theorists. We will continue to support sovereignty and stand against a Western hegemony that has been hijacked by an elite few who want us under the thumb of their new world order.

And we leave you with similar thoughts, better written sentiments, from another Australian columnist, Caitlin Johnson ……..

” … If you’ve publicly challenged the official narratives of the western political/media class about any major issue, you’ve probably noticed that people can get pretty upset about it.

Like, actually upset. Not mildly annoyed like you might get at someone who is saying something that is obviously false and stupid, but burning hot emotional like you’d get if you heard someone insulting your loved one. Or like someone insulting you personally.

That’s the most surprising thing, when you first start speaking about this stuff. Not that people don’t believe you or don’t agree with you; that’s to be expected when every screen in their lives is telling them one thing and you’re telling them something else. But that people actually get deeply emotionally invested in it.

That’s your first clue that there’s something else going on beneath the surface apart from what you’re being presented with. You’re not just arguing about Ukraine or China or Syria or whatever, you’re touching on a psychological third rail that’s being ferociously protected.

Many of the people you’ll run into online or in person who defend imperial narratives from your criticisms aren’t doing so because they believe the US-centralized empire is awesome and great, they’re doing so because it’s much more comfortable than confronting the possibility that their entire worldview is made of lies.

You’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell you

— The Oatmeal (@Oatmeal) May 2, 2017

There’s a great comic by The Oatmeal which explains the psychological defense mechanisms humans have in place to protect their worldview from information that could destabilize it. Because of our tendency to select for cognitive ease over cognitive challenge in order to conserve mental energy, we tend to be heavily biased against consciously helping new worldview-disrupting information get past those psychological defense mechanisms.

And it doesn’t get more worldview-disrupting than questioning mainstream consensus reality. Because on the other side of that investigation is the realization that pretty much everything you’ve been trained to believe about your society, your nation, your government and your world, is a lie.

This is often what people are really pushing back against when they get upset at someone who is being critical of official empire narratives. It’s not actually super important to them that everyone believe the correct things about their government or someone else’s government, it’s super important to them that the world as they know it not come to a crashing halt.

Because that’s what it is, as far as their experience and perception is concerned. A lucid seeing that their entire worldview is based on lies would feel like the end of their world, because in their experience it would be the end of the world they know.

Having your entire understanding of the world and how it works torn asunder is a kind of a death, because it’s the end of your secure knowing of what’s real. In a sense it’s the end of you, too. It’s the end of the person you were. It’s all illusory of course, but that’s the way it feels…….” tbc.

Caitlin’s full post is here >


William M. Briggs was born in Detroit at the height of its majesty. When he left, it went into the crapper. Coincidence? He later entered the Air Force and became Staff Sergeant Briggs. When he took off his stripes, the Soviet Union crumbled. Coincidence? He went to university and earned many letters after his name which wow the unthinking. After he graduated, they installed a Dean for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity. Coincidence?He lived for many years on the isle of Manhattan during it brightest years. When he fled, the city’s Mayor instituted Vaccine Passports. Coincidence? Finally, he wrote this penetrating book. After you close it covers, you, dear reader, will find that you are based.Coincidence?

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