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Thursday, June 2, 2022



STATEMENT TO YOU, DEAR READERS of our blog and social media pages


Our blog posts and social media posts are flavoured by Conservative Christian values. You may have noticed that we rail against the Western Imperialist System quite a bit, as exemplified by our criticism of support for Ukraine, the persecution of Christians and innocent citizens in Syria and Yemen, the starvation of children from Western imposed sanctions, the forever war actions and narratives, the government controls imposed on us plebs throughout the ‘pandemic’ along with the forced medical treatments and so on.

And yes, we have railed against leaders like Biden et al, ScoMo, BoJo, Macron, Trudeau, Adern and Albo……… the whole bluddy lot of them whether they are left or right.

Let’s get one thing straight.

In Australia, for example, true Conservative values have been destroyed gradually since Menzies. Successive leaders have destroyed our manufacturing of everything from Steel to shoes, from cars to clothing. These globalists signed our allegiances away to the U.N. and its affiliates from the old Lima Declaration right up until the present move to sign up to the WEF Pandemic Treaty. They have introduced school curricula to indoctrinate our future generation, including future leaders, into the anti-family globohomo narrative and in doing so THEY HAVE ABUSED OUR KIDS. The universities have been infiltrated by Hegelian and Marxist ideas in the Communist march through the institutions to indoctrinate young leaders into the gender fluidity paradigm, support the Alphabet Bloc to destroy marriage and family, to give rise to third wave feminism and to denigrate men as patriarchal extremists. And this is not to mention the promotion of importing foreign anti-Christian, anti-western, counter cultural migration that infects our media, for one thing, with anti-patriot ideals and counter culture methods to denigrate our heritage and traditional way of life.

I won’t even talk about America – the driving force in degeneration of standards that leads the ‘free world’ in corruption and pretence.

We do NOT live in a liberal democracy any more. It is not even Libertarianism on steroids. We now live in a Western world dominated by the globalist elites who destroy nationalism, patriotism, individualism and our sovereignty. WE WILL NOT STAY SILENT. We stand firmly with the humans of the world, whether they be in Alaska or Zanzibar, A to Z, Christian or not, especially with the defenceless in countries wracked by the Globalists’ wars and their sanctions that are designed to force regime change for sovereign countries to fall into line in the global financial and trade systems. THE WEST HAS BEEN INFILTRATED BY CULTURAL MARXISM OF THE TROTSKY VARIEY which defectors from the Soviet Union warned would happen to the West. It has happened and very few leaders have resisted except for the likes of Hungary, Poland somewhat and other Visgrad states, Brazil and some African states.

WHAT IS YOUR WORLDVIEW? Do we disrupt it by criticising what may appear to you as criticism of our valued Western idealism? If your concerns are with who gets married next on MAFS, or how much money the new government can put in your pocket, then we will leave you to it, with the hope that you give some consideration to our posts as well as the many other alternative sources that Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Government, and Big Banks continually manage to censor with their labels of fake news and conspiracy theorists. We will continue to support sovereignty and stand against a Western hegemony that has been hijacked by an elite few who want us under the thumb of their new world order.

And we leave you with similar thoughts, better written sentiments, from another Australian columnist, Caitlin Johnson ……..

” … If you’ve publicly challenged the official narratives of the western political/media class about any major issue, you’ve probably noticed that people can get pretty upset about it.

Like, actually upset. Not mildly annoyed like you might get at someone who is saying something that is obviously false and stupid, but burning hot emotional like you’d get if you heard someone insulting your loved one. Or like someone insulting you personally.

That’s the most surprising thing, when you first start speaking about this stuff. Not that people don’t believe you or don’t agree with you; that’s to be expected when every screen in their lives is telling them one thing and you’re telling them something else. But that people actually get deeply emotionally invested in it.

That’s your first clue that there’s something else going on beneath the surface apart from what you’re being presented with. You’re not just arguing about Ukraine or China or Syria or whatever, you’re touching on a psychological third rail that’s being ferociously protected.

Many of the people you’ll run into online or in person who defend imperial narratives from your criticisms aren’t doing so because they believe the US-centralized empire is awesome and great, they’re doing so because it’s much more comfortable than confronting the possibility that their entire worldview is made of lies.

You’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell you

— The Oatmeal (@Oatmeal) May 2, 2017

There’s a great comic by The Oatmeal which explains the psychological defense mechanisms humans have in place to protect their worldview from information that could destabilize it. Because of our tendency to select for cognitive ease over cognitive challenge in order to conserve mental energy, we tend to be heavily biased against consciously helping new worldview-disrupting information get past those psychological defense mechanisms.

And it doesn’t get more worldview-disrupting than questioning mainstream consensus reality. Because on the other side of that investigation is the realization that pretty much everything you’ve been trained to believe about your society, your nation, your government and your world, is a lie.

This is often what people are really pushing back against when they get upset at someone who is being critical of official empire narratives. It’s not actually super important to them that everyone believe the correct things about their government or someone else’s government, it’s super important to them that the world as they know it not come to a crashing halt.

Because that’s what it is, as far as their experience and perception is concerned. A lucid seeing that their entire worldview is based on lies would feel like the end of their world, because in their experience it would be the end of the world they know.

Having your entire understanding of the world and how it works torn asunder is a kind of a death, because it’s the end of your secure knowing of what’s real. In a sense it’s the end of you, too. It’s the end of the person you were. It’s all illusory of course, but that’s the way it feels…….” tbc.

Caitlin’s full post is here >


William M. Briggs was born in Detroit at the height of its majesty. When he left, it went into the crapper. Coincidence? He later entered the Air Force and became Staff Sergeant Briggs. When he took off his stripes, the Soviet Union crumbled. Coincidence? He went to university and earned many letters after his name which wow the unthinking. After he graduated, they installed a Dean for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity. Coincidence?He lived for many years on the isle of Manhattan during it brightest years. When he fled, the city’s Mayor instituted Vaccine Passports. Coincidence? Finally, he wrote this penetrating book. After you close it covers, you, dear reader, will find that you are based.Coincidence?

Saturday, March 13, 2021


 Islam is not Judaism's major enemy; Christianity is. This is borne out in the Jewish financing of the illegal migrant invasion of the West of Muslims whom are used to decimate various countries' cultures but can be easily defeated after the job is done. To weaken those who might stand in the way, those being the conservative male population, political and social tools are employed to subdue those who might resist. Major tools used are media propaganda and entertainment. The propaganda aligns with cultural Marxism and the bread and circuses entertainment concentrate on dulling the will and the senses through the control by addictive pornography, degradation, deviancy, political correctness, feminisation and virtue signalling. According to the Jewish principle of Tikkun Olam, the world must be decimated so that it can be rebuilt in line with Judaism to herald in the coming of God. The greatest obstacle to dissembling existing structures is the Christian culture and Western democracy. [Another target for destruction is the financial system and the economy, but this is a subject for another time]. Following is evidence that the media and entertainment industries are not just over represented by Jews, but are controlled by them. This will be but an introduction to who's who in these fields. Consider this as Part One.


If it can be said, as I have coined and long-maintained, that Fake History is the Fake News that has passed into the rear-view mirror – then only a proper exposure of the identities and motives of Fake News patriarchs from years-gone-by can allow us to correct false history and thus better understand the present. And if it can also be said, as I have also coined and long-maintained, that World War II is the foundational mythology which defines the modern world – then it becomes essential to identify the original myth-makers behind the “official” narrative of “The Good War.”
First, let us note that a full six & 1/2 years before that grand and tragic history-altering event, the leaders of International Jewry formally issued a "Declaration of War" against Germany and its new Chancellor, Adolf Hitler. On March 23, 1933, 20,000 Jews protested at New York's City Hall. Rallies and boycotts were directed against German goods. The front page of the March 24, London Daily Express carries the headline: Judea Declares War on Germany
Three days later, 40,000 Jews and other assorted Communists gathered in Madison Square Garden to protest Hitler – who hadn’t even done anything to harm anybody, except maybe a few Red terrorists who had it coming to them. The New York Daily News front page blared: "40,000 Roar Protest Here Against Hitler."
Worldwide Jewry had fired the opening economic and propaganda shots of what, in due time, would escalate into World War II. Hitler responded to the false “atrocity” charges being made against the new Germany, stating on March 28:

"Lies and slander of positively hair-raising perversity are being launched against Germany. Horror stories of dismembered Jewish corpses, gouged out eyes and hacked off hands are circulating for the purpose of defaming the German Volk in the world for the second time, just as they had succeeded in doing once before in 1914.”
Had the Jews been some powerless minority with little influence, then their declared war against Germany could be dismissed as the inconsequential barking of a dog at the moon. But with the most powerful political weapon ever known to man -- the national news media of the United States -- being mainly under their dominance, their threats against Germany were not to be taken lightly. A closer look at the “Big Four” of America’s media at the time should be enough to induce even the dimmest “newbie” on this subject to begin asking himself: “Were we lied to about Hitler and World War II?”

Let's have a look at the main media masters of the 1930s & 40s.

Six & 1/2  years before the actual shooting part of the war began, International Jewry had already declared the economic & propaganda war to be in effect -- referring to it as "a holy war to combat the Hitlerite enemies of the Jew."
* The New York Times // The Ochs-Sulzberger Family
Since its founding in 1851 by Republican Henry Jarvis Raymond, the mighty New York Times has been a big player in shaping public opinion. In 1896, the Times, -- still experiencing financial problems due to the Panic of 1893 -- took a turn to the internationalist left when it was sold on the cheap to a German-Jew named Adolph Ochs.

Ochs’ daughter was married to Arthur H Sulzberger, who became publisher when Adolph died in 1935. Sulzberger's great grandson, Arthur G Sulzberger, is the publisher of the Times today. For 125 consecutive years and counting, America’s mighty “paper of record” has been in the hands of this same Jewish-Globalist family.

1. Adolf Ochs // 2. Arthur H Sulzberger (Adolph's son-in-law)

* NBC Radio // David Sarnoff
In 1900, David Sarnoff, who was born in a small Jewish village in Tsarist Russia, immigrated to New York City. At the age of 15, he joined the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America. By 1919, Sarnoff was General Manager of RCA radio. In 1926, Sarnoff’s RCA formed NBC, the first major broadcast network in the U.S.
Sarnoff was instrumental in building the AM broadcasting radio business which became the preeminent public radio standard for the majority of the 20th century. During World War II, he would serve under General Eisenhower as a “Communications Consultant” (psychological warfare). Sarnoff, who had no military experience, would be awarded the rank of Brigadier General.
David Sarnoff and family went on to control RCA-NBC Radio & TV for more than 60 years.
Sarnoff was an immensely powerful media giant of the 20th century. He would later serve as a Psychological Warfare specialist during World War II, and was awarded the ridiculous undeserved title of “Brigadier General."

Sarnoff of NBC was decorated with the title of "Brigadier General" for his role in psych operations in Europe.

* CBS Radio // William Paloff (Paley)
William S. Paley (Paloff) was the son of Jewish immigrants who came from the Ukraine region of the Czarist Russian Empire. In 1928, the 27-year old businessman secured majority ownership of the CBS radio network (of which his father Samuel Paloff had been part owner). During the 1930’s, Paley expanded CBS into a national powerhouse with 114 affiliate stations. During World War II, Paley, like Sarnoff of NBC, Paley would also serve under General Eisenhower as a “colonel” in the Psychological Warfare branch of the Office of War Information.
As the King of the CBS radio (and later TV), Paley was without question, one of the most powerful figures of the 20th Century. With David Sarnoff already controlling RCA-NBC, and Paley now in control of CBS, the important pre-TV medium of radio was by then mainly under Jewish control. Like Sarnoff's NBC, Paley's CBS will shape what Americans believe for many years to come.

Paloff (Paley) of CBS -- like Sarnoff -- was granted a military title for helping to orchestrate propaganda and psychological war in Europe.

* The Washington Post // Eugene Meyer
Washington Post was one of many businesses to go bankrupt during the Great Depression – just like the New York Times had been struggling after the Panic of 1893. In June of 1933, owner Ned McLean unloaded The Post at a bankruptcy auction. The buyer was Jewish Federal Reserve Chairman Eugene Meyer.

Having just stepped down from the Federal Reserve; Meyer immediately changed The Post’s editorial policy, transforming the influential newspaper into a pro-FDR, anti-Germany, and soft-on-Stalin propaganda sheet.The Post will lose money for 20 more years, but Meyer didn’t care. He bought the Post for influence, not profit. The Post will later be handed down to his daughter, the late Katherine Meyer-Graham.

Eugene Meyers -- He stepped down as Federal Reserve Chairman and bought the Post.


On the eve of World War II, the four most powerful media sources in America were ALL under Jewish-Globalist anti-German ownership. Left-to-right: Washington Post: Meyer // CBS: Paley // NY Times: Ochs-Sulzberger // NBC: Sarnoff

Monday, June 15, 2020



Right now there is a growing discourse about the World Economic Forum talking heads' meeting next January, themed as the Great Reset. On the back of the U.N.'s various Agendas, 21,30,50, the current lock downs, the rioting and so on, the Average Joes are reaching increasingly for the tin foil hat. "Tell 'em they're dreamin'" is my response. These leaders at the U.N., the WEF, the CDC and WHO are leaders and experts who only have our collective well being at heart. It's said the WEF will plan out the resetting of the world economy, trade, financial systems and society in general. They will do this in the light of the 4th Industrial Revolution of A.I., satellite tracking, genetic engineering and such like to reduce inequality around the world, reduce a dangerously growing population and mitigate an unsustainable energy reliance that is damaging Gaia - our mother earth. Surely that can only be a good thing if our lives are re-designed by philanthropists who fund future programs to reset societies and cultures. Right?

We have conscientious objectors and conspiracy theorists taking a negative view of all this. "HOW DARE THEY". They are dreamers who take their imaginings too seriously. Crikey, I had some dreams recently that were more like nightmares but, really, they are fantasy, not real. Not even possible. 

A few weeks ago I dreamed that one day I woke to find nearly all governments around the world had declared that all citizens lock themselves in their homes, not go out except to buy food. Oh, and alcohol. Grandchildren were forbidden to visit grandparents. Guess what happened. Millions lost their jobs. Tens of thousands lost their small businesses. There was no sport, concerts, restaurants or church services. Apparently they were saying that a killer virus was on the loose from what I remember and the funny part was that the big nobs who had predicted a killer epidemic years previously were also those running much of the mitigation control as well as - get this - who had a financial interest in the cure for the virus. See what I mean? The dream was surreal and common sense tells you that nothing like that will happen. People are not going to be fooled by that.

It wasn't long after that dream that I had another vivid nightmare. I think it may have been due to the cheese and crackers I had for supper. They say that cheese increases the intensity of dreams. Anyway, this particular night I dreamed that thousands and thousands of people around he globe went on the rampage at the same time. They smashed businesses and shops, painted graffiti, destroyed statues of revered historical figures, and some even took over areas of some cities. Not to mention the beatings and even murders. I remember asking people what was going on and what could have caused such a revolution. Someone said that a cop had restrained some scum bag resulting in the felon's death way over on some street corner in some city in America. I scoffed: "You're kidding"! Another passer-by said: "Yeah true, mate. The copper was white and the crim was black." As if no further explanation was necessary. I wanted to point out the nonsense of that reasoning but the figures drifted into the ether. But again, see what I mean? Believing nightmares like this will convert you into a conspiracy nut. And don't eat cheese before your bed time.

Oh yeah, there was another dream. This one woke me in a sweat. I was looking through a doorway into a room where the pope was talking to Jesus. And doing it in a slightly admonishing tone. "I've changed the Our Father prayer you left us," he said, "It's not an appropriate reflection of the Father when you think about it." With a crowd of bishops nodding behind him he continued:"I'm making some reforms to outdated teaching to make it more relevant. Communion is to be approved for all. Why not, since you seemed to think it so important for spiritual life." Clutching some wooden figure from Peru - I believe it was - the pope went on:"I've signed an agreement with the Muslims. It's only a start but I have also declared that the Father wills and approves all faiths, not just yours. We must be relevant and inclusive and drop the divisive prosyletizing. We need our focus on Brotherhood, One World, equality, caring for the environment. Also ......." Just then a woman reached through and grabbed the pope's arm. He smacked her hand several times in annoyance. I'd seen and heard enough. I tried to run, I remember, but it was one of those dreams where your legs go to jelly.

There are lessons here aren't there? Radical events like these are just dreams. They are not real. And don't eat cheese before bed time.


Sunday, May 31, 2020


An old conspiracy has been revived in the light of recent political events and the prophesies of John's Apocalypse. The crux of the issue is a claim by one, Joseph Gregory Hallett, that he is a direct descendant of the English Royals and the legitimate king, King John III, and that Elizabeth II is a usurper and illegitimate. Further, that he is anointed by God as the new world Monarch and as such he is the new Christ and is descended from King David and Christ's mother Mary.. His supporters - mainly the many CT's who blog and vlog on social networks - throw in many other claims and theories such as the claim that Donald Trump is also anointed with a family lineage that includes ancestors with the surname of "Christ", being of German extraction. [Trump's partial genealogy is shown in one of the videos below where an ancestor has the German surname "Christ". Readers - in German the name Christ means Christian in English, NOT "Christ". In German, the name of Jesus the Christ is written as "Christos" which follows the Greek. Do these people think that no one would spot this chicanery]?

Hallett's real immediate family has publicly claimed that he is delusional. But there's a problem. I cannot find a link to their claim but there are many links to refutations of his family's claim. Most strange that Google appear to have hidden any links. The links to rebutt the family are shown in many videos by a tarot reader and fortune teller who, by the "signs" and the cards can verify that HALLETT IS THE CHRIST just as in the following videos a support site shows that the STARS' ALIGNMENT SHOW THE COMING NEW KING.

In refuting this nonsense, I am not doing a critical treatise of all the claims and Hallett's evidence because it is very involved and complicated. All one has to do, as I have done, is to find fraudulent items, chicanery, manipulations and lies existing in his claims. I have found many and worse than that, Hallett is dangerous. His claims are sacreligious blasphemy and as an apparent Rosicrucian, he and his army of supporters use his narrative to demonize the Church instituted by the one and only anointed Christ of the Father. Mathew 24: 23,24 warn of others claiming to be the Christ. Following or believing these demons places one's soul in danger.

Hallett, like many others, may well be of royal descent. Some have made similar claims to the Throne in the past. In fact, there could be millions of existing descendants of the royal bloodline. Nothing new here. I myself am a descendant of Irish royalty as well as being a blood relative of Barak Obama. That's the way genealogy is. Hallett knows his history, particularly that of the royals, thus much of that is fact but I am not going to spend weeks scrutinizing it all. I don't need to, since all one needs to do is to show his trickery. John Lennon, for example, is another who might have claim to the throne on the premise that some illigitimacy exists in the bloodline. See the following for example.....

Immediately below I will post three videos from his major support base. Be my guest and waste hours of your life. Suffice to say that "Melissa" from Freedom Force Battalion [oh boy!], typifies some whacky Evangelical theology, which is more akin to theosophy and sophistry. She turns astronomy into astrology - a very dangerous indulgence - to affirm Hallet's and/or Trump's ascendency. She demonizes and pontificates on the Catholic Church, the pope, the Jesuits and the Knights Of Malta, to name a few, when she and her like know nothing of these matters except what they need to believe to legitimize their beliefs. I am not going to explain her errors here but anyone of sound mind, a knowledge of history and a grounding in faith and doctrine will be appalled by her rantings. Recent political events are woven into her apocalyptic narrative, such as the absorption of the Fed Reserve into Treasury and the possible collapse of the monetary system. Nobody can place the unknown eventualities of these things to fit a biblical prophesy without looking stupid. Hallett and his supporters appear to have the dual ambition of demolishing the true Church by false propaganda. [Good luck].

And an interview with another whacko, Field McConnell, who deposed Theresa May as British PM  personally on the exact day that he promised he would [no kidding]......
[I have only given the link because it is from BitTube and takes too long to load to this platform and I'm not in the mood].

That said, let me present a screenshot from the interview with McConnell. In it, Hallett claims that the Queen, ERII, has had his name imprinted on many English coins in recognition that he is the rightful king and awaits his ascendancy to the throne she has usurped.
Hallett's name "GREG" is imprinted on British coins. There are more examples in the video link above.

Another example of Hallett's chicanery has to do with his and his supporter's claims that the initials of the NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE - NHS - are actually code. This code was a prefigurement of Hallett's ascendancy to kingship and in reality NHS stands for ....... NEW HALLETT SOVEREIGN.  [I'm not joking].