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Right now there is a growing discourse about the World Economic Forum talking heads' meeting next January, themed as the Great Reset. On the back of the U.N.'s various Agendas, 21,30,50, the current lock downs, the rioting and so on, the Average Joes are reaching increasingly for the tin foil hat. "Tell 'em they're dreamin'" is my response. These leaders at the U.N., the WEF, the CDC and WHO are leaders and experts who only have our collective well being at heart. It's said the WEF will plan out the resetting of the world economy, trade, financial systems and society in general. They will do this in the light of the 4th Industrial Revolution of A.I., satellite tracking, genetic engineering and such like to reduce inequality around the world, reduce a dangerously growing population and mitigate an unsustainable energy reliance that is damaging Gaia - our mother earth. Surely that can only be a good thing if our lives are re-designed by philanthropists who fund future programs to reset societies and cultures. Right?

We have conscientious objectors and conspiracy theorists taking a negative view of all this. "HOW DARE THEY". They are dreamers who take their imaginings too seriously. Crikey, I had some dreams recently that were more like nightmares but, really, they are fantasy, not real. Not even possible. 

A few weeks ago I dreamed that one day I woke to find nearly all governments around the world had declared that all citizens lock themselves in their homes, not go out except to buy food. Oh, and alcohol. Grandchildren were forbidden to visit grandparents. Guess what happened. Millions lost their jobs. Tens of thousands lost their small businesses. There was no sport, concerts, restaurants or church services. Apparently they were saying that a killer virus was on the loose from what I remember and the funny part was that the big nobs who had predicted a killer epidemic years previously were also those running much of the mitigation control as well as - get this - who had a financial interest in the cure for the virus. See what I mean? The dream was surreal and common sense tells you that nothing like that will happen. People are not going to be fooled by that.

It wasn't long after that dream that I had another vivid nightmare. I think it may have been due to the cheese and crackers I had for supper. They say that cheese increases the intensity of dreams. Anyway, this particular night I dreamed that thousands and thousands of people around he globe went on the rampage at the same time. They smashed businesses and shops, painted graffiti, destroyed statues of revered historical figures, and some even took over areas of some cities. Not to mention the beatings and even murders. I remember asking people what was going on and what could have caused such a revolution. Someone said that a cop had restrained some scum bag resulting in the felon's death way over on some street corner in some city in America. I scoffed: "You're kidding"! Another passer-by said: "Yeah true, mate. The copper was white and the crim was black." As if no further explanation was necessary. I wanted to point out the nonsense of that reasoning but the figures drifted into the ether. But again, see what I mean? Believing nightmares like this will convert you into a conspiracy nut. And don't eat cheese before your bed time.

Oh yeah, there was another dream. This one woke me in a sweat. I was looking through a doorway into a room where the pope was talking to Jesus. And doing it in a slightly admonishing tone. "I've changed the Our Father prayer you left us," he said, "It's not an appropriate reflection of the Father when you think about it." With a crowd of bishops nodding behind him he continued:"I'm making some reforms to outdated teaching to make it more relevant. Communion is to be approved for all. Why not, since you seemed to think it so important for spiritual life." Clutching some wooden figure from Peru - I believe it was - the pope went on:"I've signed an agreement with the Muslims. It's only a start but I have also declared that the Father wills and approves all faiths, not just yours. We must be relevant and inclusive and drop the divisive prosyletizing. We need our focus on Brotherhood, One World, equality, caring for the environment. Also ......." Just then a woman reached through and grabbed the pope's arm. He smacked her hand several times in annoyance. I'd seen and heard enough. I tried to run, I remember, but it was one of those dreams where your legs go to jelly.

There are lessons here aren't there? Radical events like these are just dreams. They are not real. And don't eat cheese before bed time.


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