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 This post is intended to be a possible permanent reference to the arguments surrounding the validity of the Garabandal apparitions, both pro and con.

I begin with a facebook comment which presented evidence [?]  that the apparitions are satanic. [The comment was posted by a Paul Bennett in response to a pro-position].


Garabandal Movie Will be Available Free of Charge During Holy Week

POSITION 1. [Negative]


The Most Dangerous False Apparition in the World
Would Conchita Sin?
Copies of all the Local Bishop & Rome's Official Declarations
English Translation of Official Declaration below:
From 1961 until 1965 four teenage girls saw visions of the Virgin Mary, the Christ Child, and angels. They received messages of the coming Chastisement, a coming warning, and a future miracle.
What is unique about this phenomenon is that almost all the games Satan plays were used with these girls. THIS WAS NOT A FRAUD. There is too much evidence of the other world here. It all started when the girls decided to steal some apples from the school teacher's tree. They were thrown to their knees by an invisible force. In this first apparition they saw an angel. It must be remarked that angels do not allow humans to kneel before them.
Throughout the four years of the apparitions all the powers of Satan were used. The girls were taken into the air many times. One time one of the children was lifted over the top of a building. They were made to do ungodly movements of the body: taken swiftly above the ground, down the rocky hill hundreds of feet to meet "The Lady?". In every case the children were FORCED to their knees in a quick undignified manor. Many times they were forced with their heads backwards in a position that could not be done naturally.
All of the children were heard to speak in LANGUAGES they did not know. On one occasion they prayed the "Our Father" in Greek. The girls were seen LIFTING each other up above their shoulders to kiss the lady. However, at other times, three grown men could not lift them.
Several times the girls were found SCREAMING. There were many "SIGNS IN THE SKY" seen by many people: moving stars, hosts, images, etc. In one case a fire was seen and the "Virgin" claimed that she had come in this FIRE.
In one very celebrated case the "angel" gave communion to Conchita and the host could be visibly seen by everyone. She was told to hold out her tongue until the "Virgin" came. She stayed with her tongue outstretched and the host on it for a long time. Many photographs were taken.
In almost all the apparitions the girls entered into dialogues with the "Lady" about all kinds of NON-SENSE things, like how the Lady liked their clothes. The children were given the "Child Jesus" to pass around to each other like a TOY. Never once in the thousands of true apparitions we have studied did Christ or Mary ever say a SINGLE WORD that did not have a salvation meaning for the soul.
In the study of true and false apparitions, we have found that Mary and Christ have a particular personality, and so does Satan. Today we can just read the messages and sense the truth by the words. In Garabandal the word "punishment" is used instead of "Chastisement". There are over 400 private revelations about the chastisement, never is the word "punishment" used. The use of "there must be" instead of "My Son desires", or "you must be very good", since the Bible says "only God is good", would not be used my Mary. Think about "spread the message" instead of "do what your superior tells you." Only Satan uses the word "Pope". Our Lady always refers to him as "Holy Father" or "Vicar of Christ".
The "Virgin" said that we should turn the wrath of God away from us by our own efforts. This is in violation of the Doctrine of the Faith, since we are not capable of any good without God's graces. She also said that if we ask God for forgiveness with a sincere heart, he will pardon us. No mention of the obligation to then go to the Sacrament of Confession.
The "Virgin" asked that the girls not bring blessed sacramentals [rosaries, crucifixes, etc.], for she wanted to bless them herself. And over the years she is reported to have blessed and kisses hundreds of them. Remember that only blessed sacramentals affect Satan. Keep in mind, that Mary is not a priest. She cannot give a priestly blessing. Never in Her life or in any apparition for two thousand years has Mary given a priestly blessing to anything.
The children claim to have touched the "Virgin" many times, and of course, they passed Jesus around. However, they claim that they could not feel anything. Now, this is false except in the case of an illusion. God does not do illusions, He is real. His Mother is real. Mary and Christ have real human bodies. As St. Thomas in Acts actually touched Christ and as Christ actually ate with them, so too Catherine Laboure actually laid her head on Mary's lap and could feel Her.
After seeing the children actually passing something around, which was later said to be the Christ-child, the people asked if they actually touched Jesus.
"No, you cannot touch either the Blessed Mother or the Infant."
"But how can this be?" they asked.
"Well, you see what you hold, but you feel nothing; you feel no weight. If you stretch your hand to touch Our Lady, your hand can go no further because Our Lady is there, but you fell nothing."
Satan creates illusions, auto-suggestion creates illusions, a hypnotist creates illusions, but God creates the real thing.
There are three prophesies in Garabandal: first a world-wide WARNING that everyone will see and feel; second, a MIRACLE at Garabandal that all will see and will remain there forever; and last, the PUNISHMENT. Twenty-five years later, nothing has happened.
But let us look at them. The warning is supposed to be seen and felt by everyone in the world so that we will know our sins and repent. That being the case we have no need to be watchful and keep our lamp burning, since God will warn us in time to repent. A priest, Father Lius Andreu, is reported to have seen a vision of the coming "miracle" but died without any know cause the next day. Conchita said that his body will be found uncorrupt after the "Great Miracle". His body has since been exposed but he is not uncorrupt.
This is the same trick Satan used in inventing "Rapture". The most important time in our life is "the moment of death". Satan wants us to think we have no reason to fear this moment; therefore, he invents things like the WARNING or the RAPTURE. The Holy Scripture tells us that Chastisements will come like a thief in the night when we least expect them. But if we have a miracle first, there is no need to be watchful.
Last, but not least, all chastisements are conditional. There is no condition in the punishment told of in the Garabandal prophesies.
There are other prophesies. The "Virgin" said that the pope and Padre Pio would see the miracle. Both are dead. She said that there would be only two more popes and that this would be the last one. Other prophecies make it clear that this is not the last one.
Conchita insists that this is the last pope. However, according to the list of St. Malachi, the next pope will be called the Glory of the Olives. Should we believe Conchita or a saint. In fact the last Holy Father will be named "Peter". Don Bosco prophesied that a Holy Father would die during a great chastisement and a new one would quickly replace him. That has not happened yet. There was also a miracle promised on October 18th of 1961. Nothing happened. And they were told this is the last warning to be given to the world. But since then hundreds of other apparitions around the world have been warning the world of everything under the sun.
As we have stated many times, the only proof we need in any apparition is the decision of the local Bishop. He, and he alone, has the charisma of discernment in these matters. Not only did the Bishop in 1965 condemn Garabandal, but five bishops after him have condemned it. Even Rome had to come into the picture to aid the Bishop.
"The question having been closely examined and a decision having been reached by Your Excellency, the Sacred Congregation has come to the conclusion that there is no reason to intervene in this affair.
Cardinal Ottaviani
Cardinal Seper, Prefect of the congregation For the Sacred Doctrine Of the Faith wrote this letter to Archbishop Philip M. Hannan of New Orleans, Louisiana on April 21, 1970.
"This office has received you letter of April 1970 in which you expressed justifiable apprehension about the diffusion of the Garabandal movement in your Archdiocese and in which you asked for clear and reliable guidelines from the Holy See for dealing with this phenomenon.
"The Holy See share your perception about the manifest and increasing confusion due to the diffusion of this movement among the faithful and desires with this letter to clarify its position on the matter.
"This Sacred Congregation despite requests form various Bishops and faithful has always refused to define the supernatural character of the events of Garabandal. After the definitive negative judgment issued by the Curia of Santander this Sacred Congregation, after attentive examination of the proceedings forwarded to this office has often praised the prudence that characterized the method followed in the examination but has still decided to leave direct responsibility for the matter to the local Ordinary.
"The Holy see has always held that the conclusions and dispositions of the Bishop of Santander were sufficiently secure guidelines for the Christian people and indications for the Bishops to order to dissuade people from participating in pilgrimages and other acts of devotion that are based on claims connected with or founded on the presumed apparitions and messages of Garabandal. On March 10, 1996; this Sacred Congregation wrote a letter to this effect to the Bishop of Santander who had also asked for a more explicit declaration of the Holy See to the matter.
"However promoters of the Garabandal movement have tried to minimize the decisions and the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Santander. THIS SACRED CONGREGATION WANTS IT TO BE CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD THAT THE BISHOP OF SANTANDER HAS BEEN AND CONTINUES TO BE THE ONLY ONE WITH COMPLETE JURISDICTION IN THIS MATTER AND THE HOLY SEE HAS NO INTENTION OF EXAMINING THIS QUESTION ANY FURTHER, since it holds that the examinations already carried out are sufficient as well as are the official declarations of the Bishop of Santander. There is no truth to the statement that the Holy See has named an Official Papal Private Investigator of Garabandal and affirmations attributed to the anonymous personage to the extent that the verification of the Garabandal apparitions lies completely in the hands of the Holy Father Pope Paul VI and other such expressions that aim at undermining the authority of the decisions of the Bishop of Santander are completely unfounded.
"In order to reply to certain doubts that you expressed in your letter this Sacred Congregation wishes to assert: that the Holy See has never approved even indirectly the Garabandal movement, that it has never encouraged or blessed Garabandal promoters or centers. Rather the Holy See deplores that fact that certain persons and Institutions persist in formatting the movement in obvious contradiction with the dispositions of ecclesiastical authority and thus disseminate confusion among the people especially among the simple and defenseless.
"From what has been said so far you will easily realize that though this Sacred Congregation certainly agrees with the contents of the note of May 10, 1969 (as published in various countries and especially in the French magazine LA DOCUMENTATION CATHOLIC September 21, 1966, n:1547 p. 821) It must say that it is inexact to attribute the part of the text that deals with the lack of supernatural character of the events of Garabandal of the Sacred Congregation which has always striven to abstain from any direct declaration on the question precisely because it did not consider it necessary to do so after the clear and express decisions of the Bishop of Santander. This is the genuine meaning of the letter written on January 21, 1970 by the Most Reverend Paul Phillippe, Secretary of this Sacred Congregation to the editor in chief of LA DOCUMENTATION CATHOLIQUE.
"In order to contribute further to your pastoral action in this matter, this office is enclosing other essential documents already published in other countries such as Spain: The two official notices of the Bishop of Santander, two letters of the Sacred Congregation to the same Bishop and a letter to the Apostolic Delegate to Mexico. This office hopes in this letter to have clarified a question that concerns not just your Archdiocese but also other dioceses.
"With sentiments of deepest esteem and cordial respect
"I am devotedly yours
"Francis Cardinal Seper Prefect
also signed:
"Paul Philippe , Secretary"
On October 11, 1996 the new bishop, Jose Vilaplana, again placed his prohibition on the alleged apparitions and said it is final.
"Some people have been coming directly to the Diocese of Santander (Spain) asking about the alleged apparitions of Garabandal and especially for the answer about the position of the hierarchy of the Church concerning these apparitions.
I need to communicate that:
All the bishops of the diocese since 1961 through 1970 agreed that there was no supernatural validity for the apparitions.
In the month of December of 1977 Bishop Dal Val of Santander, in union with his predecessors, stated that in the six years of being bishop of Santander there were no new phenomena.
The same bishop, Dal Val, let a few years go by to allow the confusion or fanaticism to settle down, and then he initiated a commission to examine the apparitions in more depth. The conclusion of the commission agreed with the findings of the previous bishops. That there was no supernatural validity to such apparitions.
At the time of the conclusions of the study, in 1991, I was installed bishop in the diocese. So during my visit to Rome, as limina visit which happened in the same year, I presented to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith the study and I asked for pastoral direction concerning this case.
On Nov. 28, 1992, the Congregation sent me an answer saying that after examining the documentation, there was no need for direct intervention (by the Vatican) to take away the jurisdiction of the ordinary bishop of Santander in this case. Such a right belongs to the ordinary. Previous declarations of the Holy See agree in this finding. In the same letter they suggested that if I find it necessary to publish a declaration, that I reconfirm that there was no supernatural validity in the alleged apparitions, and this will make a unanimous position with my predecessors.
Given that the declarations of my predecessors who studied the case have been clear and unanimous, I don’t find it necessary to have a new public declaration that would raise notoriety about something which happened so long ago. However, I find it necessary to rewrite this report as a direct answer to the people who ask for direction concerning this question, which is now final: I agree with [and] I accept the decision of my predecessors and the direction of the Holy See.
In reference to the Eucharistic celebration in Garabandal, following the decision of my predecessors, I ruled that Masses can be celebrated only in the parish church and there will be no references to the alleged apparitions and visiting priests who want to say Mass must have approval from the pastor, who has my authorization. It’s my wish that this information is helpful to you.
My regards in Christ,
Jose Vilaplana
Bishop of Santander
Oct. 11, 1996
[Underlines added to the letter by author.]
Never, has any apparition received so many condemnations as Garabandal. And yet, to this day, some of the finest priests and Catholic layman still hang on to this Satanic Vision and promote it.
In the past few years we have been to the Vatican and to San Giovanni Rotondo. It is claimed that the children went to Rome and received the Holy Fathers blessing on the miracles. It is also claimed that Padre Pio gave his approval to the messages of Garabandal. We can tell you [from our own visit to San Giovanni Rotondo and to Rome and from the above letter by Cardinal Seper] that these are both lies. To say "lie" is a strong word, but you can see that there was no foundation to the statement whatsoever. The Holy Father blessed the children without knowing who they were. Padre Pio did not approve of anything at Garabandal. This has been verified by Conchita.
Conchita and the rest of the children signed a document with the bishop agreeing with the findings of the Church and promised to never ever promote the apparitions again. These mystics have lived up to this signed document but the promoters have not. All the children retracted all belief in the miracles.
The Bishop of Garabandal has refused permission for any outside priest to come to Garabandal and say Mass. In spite of this, hundreds are still going. Publication of material on Garabandal is forbidden. We still have monthly magazines promoting the messages. We have a privately distributed book called "The Warning", written by a priest. Newspapers and newsletters are sent everywhere. All of this was with Conchita's approval. Not anymore!
In the magazine, GARABANDAL, October-December 1987 Issue, it was claimed that the bishop of Garabandal, Joan Antonio Del Val Gallo, lifted the ban on priest visiting and celebrating mass in Garabandal. This also was not true. Bishop Gallo did make a suggestion to Rome that he might lift the ban on people coming to Garabandal because they were coming anyway, and this was causing them to sin. Rome replied that no change in the previous bishops rulings would be appropriate. The matter was dropped forever.
We know that the followers of Apparitions will not believe anything any bishop says, since they take their orders directly from God via the mystics. "I would rather believe in God than man." Of course, what they really mean without knowing it, is that they place their faith in the mystics instead of the Church. But this is not what Christ has said in Scripture and to true and approved seers. What the Church says, using Scripture as it’s guide, is that obedience is the first test of any miracle. (Romes 13:1) "Let everyone be subject to the higher authorities, FOR THERE EXISTS NO AUTHORITY EXCEPT FROM GOD. And those who exist have been appointed by God. Therefore he who RESISTS THE AUTHORITY RESISTS THE ORDINANCE OF GOD; AND THEY THAT RESIST BRING ON THEMSELVES CONDEMNATION."
Of course, this Gnostic generation of spiritualists will not believe the Church or the Bible, but maybe they will believe the approved mystics. Listen to the words of Christ to Josefa Menendez. (Page 72, The Way of Divine Love, Tan Books and Publishers, Inc.)
‘Know for certain that if I ask you one thing and your Mother (Superior) asks another, I prefer you to obey her rather than Me." And on Page 51, "I trust in you fidelity and obedience to Myself and to Reverend Mother, WHO REPRESENTS ME." Page 99, "--- You must first submit to the will of your Superior, even before you do what I, Myself, ask you." Taking Christ at His word, Josefa said this to Christ the next time He appeared to her. "If you are really He, whom I believe You to be, Lord, deign not to take offense if I am made to ask leave every time, before listening to You and following You."
Christ answered, "I am not offended, on the contrary, I want you always to obey, and I, Myself, will obey."
Mary, the sWord of discernment, taught Josefa how to know whether the apparition was of God or of Satan, because not only Christ and Mary were appearing to her, but Satan was also appearing as Christ or Mary, and Josefa could not tell the difference. (Page 87)
"My daughter, I will give you a lesson of VERY GREAT IMPORTANCE. The devil is like a mad dog, but he is chained, that is to say, his liberty is curtailed. He can, therefore, only seize and devour his prey if you venture to near him, and that is why his usual tactics are to make himself appear as a lamb. The soul does not realize this, and draws nearer and nearer, only to discover his malice when in his clutches. When he seems far away, do not relax your vigilance, child. His footsteps are padded and silent, that he may take you unawares."
(Page 98) "Pay no attention to the artifice of the devil, who tries to persuade you that the confidence you have in you Mother (superior) subtracts something from your tenderness for Jesus. If he is able to master you in this matter, he will have gained everything."
(Page 108) "Listen, Josefa, now is the time to SUBMIT YOUR JUDGMENT TO OBEDIENCE, and so you will be expiating the pride of that soul [a soul Josefa was trying to convert].
(Page 60) "My child, never be afraid of suffering or of sacrifice. Such are Gods ways. If you are to come out victoriously from the assaults of the devil, PAY GREAT ATTENTION TO TWO THINGS: First, HUMBLE YOURSELF, for you are nothing and deserve nothing. Everything comes to you as a grace from God. Second, when you feel lonely and given up to temptation, when your soul is cold and you have no courage to go on, do not give up prayer. Pray humbly and confidently, and GO AT ONCE TO SEEK GUIDANCE FROM HER WHO GOD HAS GIVEN YOU FOR THAT PURPOSE. BELIEVE ME, CHILD, IF YOU DO THIS, YOU WILL MAKE NO MISTAKES."
Satan appeared often to Josefa as Christ or Mary, she could not tell by looking or talking who it was, so she asked the vision to repeat after her the Divine Praises, and her vow of obedience and virginity, Jesus, Himself, His Immaculate Mother, and Saint Madeleine Sophie [who also appeared to her], all repeated after her. (Page 129) "But the Devil with his polluted lips was never able to utter such words of praise and benediction, for he can no longer love. When unmasked thus, his furious violence was redoubled."
Compare the obedience of Josefa to the promoters of Garabandal.
Do they have a right to promote Garabandal based on Pope Paul VI’s doing away with the Index? No!
The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith,
November 1996
Regarding the circulation of texts of alleged private revelations, the Congregation states:
The Interpretation given by some individuals to a Decision approved by Paul VI on 14 October 1966 and promulgated on 15 November of that year, in virtue of which writings and messages resulting from alleged revelations could be freely circulated in the Church, is absolutely groundless. This decision actually referred to the "abolition of the Index of Forbidden Books" and determined that --- after the relevant censures were lifted --- the moral obligation still remained of not circulating or reading those writings which endanger faith and morals.
In should be recalled however that with regard to the circulation of texts of alleged private revelations, canon 623 #1 of the current Code remains in force: "the Pastors of the Church have the … right to demand that writings to be published by the Christian faithful which touch upon faith or morals be submitted to their judgement".
Alleged supernatural revelations and writings concerning them are submitted in first instance to the judgement of the diocesan Bishop, and , in particular cases, to the judgement of the Episcopal Conference and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
[underlines added]
But they will say, "Look at the Fruits." The real fruits will be shown in the 20,000 people who flew to Garabandal for the Warning, but first let’s look at basic fruits.
Conchita entered a convent but received a message that she should not become a nun. She is now married to a much older man, who was married before and had children from a former wife or wives. Not one of her relatives went to her wedding. She is now living in the United States. She had a home in Garabandal which was a pilgrim stop but sold it and bought a condo here in Fatima where she stays several months a year. If the miracle is going to be in Garabandal, why is Conchita living in the United States? I have met and talked with her several times. She claims to have no memory of the apparitions but this could be just a way to obey the Bishop. If not, it is much more proof of the false.
One of the leading men of the messages of Fatima has become so involved in Garabandal he has left the Fatima Apostolate and promotes Garabandal full time. He has been successful in mixing the messages of Fatima with the Satanic messages of Garabandal, and thousands of Catholics have followed his example. Priests have died, out of communion with the Church, because of their disobedience to their superiors.
Garabandal is the an aping of Fatima. Attention has been drawn away from Fatima or all mixed up in the false messages of Garabandal. Satan has mimicked and exaggerated Fatima at Garabandal. Any priest or layman who promotes Garabandal publicly or privately is sinning against obedience and love. Any priest or layman, who does not openly support the local bishop in this matter, is sinning against love by his silence.
These are the fruits: disobedience to the bishop of Garabandal and to Rome; disrespect of authority; diffusion of Fatima; worship of Satan; promotion of Satan; and infidelity to the Doctrine of Christ.
As we told a leader of the movement for Garabandal [who told us to hold our decision in the matter until we see if there is a miracle]:
"If there was a warning that the whole world saw and felt, and if there was a miracle that the whole world could see, we still would not believe in Garabandal, for Christ warned us of just such things."
The 101 Foundation - Queen Peace Flight to Moscow" was brought about by "alleged" messages from certain mystics. These messages claimed that by bringing the Official Fatima Statue and the mystics (six) to Moscow, the great conversion would take place. It was besides the fact, that Lucia of Fatima said the Consecration was completed in 1984 and Mary would keep Her promise. The flight was a fiasco in many ways, even causing $20,000 damage to the greatest sacramental in the modern world. [We have a report on this flight that everyone should read and never forget.]
Apparently, they did not learn. Before this flight [101] was even off the ground, these same mystics were saying that the "Great Warning" of Garabandal would take place on Holy Thursday, April 13, 1995.
They packed many many airplanes at over $2000.00 per seat. In Garabandal there were between 15,000 and 20,000 people packed on the little mountain against the orders of the bishop. Over one hundred Spanish policeman were needed.
Fourteen days later, they published an apology.
"I wish to apologize to any and all for the inconvenience caused by an erroneous prediction of the great miracle on Holy Thursday, April 13, 1995."
People were screaming for their money back. There was no miracle, there were no accommodations, everything was a mess, almost as bad as Jim Jones. They assured people that they still had there money but they went on to say how many financial problems they had, and asked that they have mercy. They went on to say that Mary has asked us to perform acts of penance, and they quoted "Garabandal, San Damiano, Medjugorje, Akita, Venezuela, Rwanda,, and Father Gobbi." [All but Akita are false.]
To justify there mistake they state,
"It becomes obvious , based on current apparitions, that all of us have been praying for the "new heaven and new earth" (Rev. 21:1). This Kingdom is for the faithful who survive tribulations and the chastisement (Rev. and seers). Note the scripture says "the new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of Heaven" Rev. 21:2) will replace the first earth that disappeared. A further revelation establishes "Here God lives among men. He will make His home among them. etc.". (Why this justified not giving back the money I do not know.)
We will answer the "New Heaven and New Earth" below, but regarding Revelation 21:2, the New Jerusalem coming down out of Heaven is Mary conceived in the mind of God before the world was created and adorned with all graces as the Bride of the Holy Spirit. [Revealed to Mary Agreda in City of God]. It is also the Catholic Church adorned with all graces as the Bride of Christ. Here (in the Catholic Church) God lives among men. Here (in the Catholic Church) we travel through the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, then through the purifying door, then into the Holy of Holies where God will wipe away every tear. Once Baptized, we are in God’s Kingdom. It is the doctrine of our faith. And finally this earth will never "disappear" until Christ comes in the sky on the last day. He will not set His Foot on this earth. But in the twinkling of an eye He will send all those who have failed into Hell. Those left will rise up into the sky to meet Him. Then He will wipe away the earth with the wave of His Hand.
In there final plea they state: "Tribulation and the Chastisement are in our immediate future to eliminate all evil people which will leave God’s chosen people to inhabit the earth. It is only then that God’s love impregnates those remaining on this earth. Then the new heaven and new earth will be established.
Yes! There will be a "Chastisement". Over 110 true and approved mystics have said this for 1500 years. Even the Bible shows it. But it will not be only the bad that die, the prophets say the good and the bad will die. The true prophets say that 75% of the world will die. Those remaining will be converted for a time, about 40 years, but only for a time. Then will come the Antichrist.
There will not be a new heaven and a new earth. We received a New Heaven and a New Earth when Christ died on the Cross. It became a New Heaven because all the humans from Adam to Christ were let in. It became a New Earth because Christ would live amounst us in all the Tabernacles throughout the world until the end of time. And finally, God’s Love impregnates us now if we allow it.
But let us look at why we say "stupid" when referring to the promoters of Garabandal. They promoted 15-20,000 people to a remote mountain to see "The Warning", and yet, Conchita statement of June 19, 1965 was that, "The Warning that the Blessed Virgin will give us is like a chastisement." And on September 13, 1965, in an interview with Joey Lomangino and some other Americans, Conchita said,
"The Warning is a thing that comes directly form God. It will be visible all over the world, in whatever place anyone might be."
That being the case, why did those "stupid" promoters send thousands of people to Garabandal? Again on October 22, 1965, Conchita said, "The Warning will be very fearful, a thousand times worse than an earthquake." Why then go to an earthquake?
"All nations and all persons will experience it in the same way. No one will escape it. Even the non-believers … " Again we ask, why the trip to Garabandal?
Conchita lives in the United States and in Fatima a few months a year. She is a very nice girl. She works with the Daughters of Charity. She has a family. If asked about the things that happened to her, she will say, "Yes, they happened." If you ask her if those things were from God or Demons, she will say, "The Church is the one who makes those decisions." Although she sometimes wonders, in general she does not believe Garabandal was from God. She does not promote anything to do with Garabandal. Why do you think she was not invited on the flight to Garabandal? If there was going to be a "Great Warning", why didn’t she go, taking her family? In fact, she was not even invited, because the promoters know she does not believe.
She obeys the Church, the Bishops, and the Holy See. Why is it that the rest of those uncautious, (and we are sorry) stupid people do not do the same as the seer who all these things happened to. Yes, they did happen. No, it was not from God. No, there will not be a "Warning". Yes, there will be a Chastisement where 75% of the world will die. No, there will not be a warning in the hearts of every person on earth. It will come as a thief in the night, have your lamps ready with the oil of grace at all times, and then you will have nothing to worry about. "The Day of the Lord" is "the moment of death" for each and every person, no matter how it happens, naturally, by accident, at the Chastisement, during the Antichrist, or at the end of the world. It’s all the same. It does not matter how, if you are ready to meet Your Lord.
But God does not take it lightly when you disobey His Church, for the Church, not you, is the pillar and the foundation of the truth. (1 Tim. 3:15). The Church is the final arbitrator. (Matt. 18:17) "And if he will not hear the Church, let him be to thee as the heathen and publican. Amen I say to you, whatsoever you shall bind upon earth, shall be bound also in heaven."
Why then do I say this is the most dangerous apparition in the world? It is the most condemned apparition that I know about - Six times by local bishops and two times supported by Rome. There are almost no Europeans who believe in Garabandal. Ninety percent of its followers are Americans according to the local bishop. So why should I care so much about this one? The reason is the insistence over and over again by the seers in the early years of the investigation that this Pope would be the last Pope on earth. That belief by its followers and that fact that most false apparitions today are mimics of Garabandal (examples are: Medjugorje mentions a warning - a sign - a chastisement, Bayside says the same, Conyors the same, the Pebble in Australia says he will be the next pope, check all false apparitions since Garabandal and you will see the same pattern). What I fear I have stated in my book (The Ark of Apocalypse). When this pope dies, he will be replaced by a very holy pope according to Don Bosco and Saint Malachi, maybe one of the holiest popes in history. Promoters of Garabandal are not going to believe this is a true pope. Some will say he is a false pope. Some will say he is the Antichrist. Some will believe in Sedevacanti, that we have no pope. There have been false popes in the past but never without a true pope living. There are false popes now - one living in Canada. But if the College of Cardinals elects a pope, he is the true pope. Can a pope ever be the Antichrist? No! First of all if the Antichrist became pope the gates of Hell would prevail and the Bible would be wrong. Second the Antichrist will come claiming to be Christ, not a simple pope. Third the real popes must last until the end of the world or there would be no Catholic Church, for where the pope is there is the Catholic Church and where the pope is not, there is no Catholic Church.
Lucia of Fatima said, "He who is with the pope is with God, and he who is not with the pope is not with God." Why did she make such a statement unless she knows something that I suspect? Medjugorje is already preparing for a split in the Church by building a great Cathedral in Bosnia right in site of the true bishop. The have already picked a bishop to be their pope. In their stupidity that picked a fake bishop who is not even an ordained priest, but nonetheless they are making plans for a spit in the Church. In one voice hundreds of false mystics are going to declare the next pope false, and we will have another great split in the Church. Satan is willing to convert many people to gain this one end.
Sedevacanti is Latin for "vacant chair", meaning that the chair of Peter is empty. They imply that the possibility exists that there could be a long period of time in the history of the Church where there is no Pope at all. This does happen during the time between popes, but can never happen during a time when the people believe there is a pope but there is not. This is what they are implying. If God could allow this, then that would make it possible for one to question the legitimacy of every pope. The truth is that there can only be an anti-pope when there are two popes. There cannot be an anti-pope when there is only one pope. Nor will God allow the Church to exist without a pope because where the pope is there is the Church, where the pope is not there is not the Church.
The possibility that the antichrist is alive right now is most impossible. Disregarding prophesy for now (since no private revelation has to be believed), the Doctrine of the Faith (what we have to believe) states, that the antichrist will be a real person who Christ will kill in his coming. (Page 487 Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma). Therefore the antichrist will control the entire world only 3-1/2 years before the end of the world. Corresponding to the coming of the antichrist then is the coming of Christ, and on page 486 our Doctrine states those things that must happen before the end. Many of these things have not happened yet, the preaching of the Gospel to the whole world (my conjecture is that this will be accomplished by the next pope and the monarch), the conversion of the Jews (also by the same two people), a period of peace, a great falling away from the faith (by almost all Catholics - leaving a remnant), the appearance of the Antichrist.
Now, St. Hippolytus of Rome, (referenced in our Doctrine) tells the entire story of the antichrist, who will imitate Christ in everything including his age. Hippolytus states that the antichrist will start his worldwide control as Emperor of the world at the age of 30. That means all these other things must happen in only 30 years. I don’t think so. The prophets (which we do not have to believe) give 4 to 7-1/2 years just for the chastisement, 30-50 years after that for a period of peace, then a falling away, and the 3-1/2 years of the antichrist, and 45 days after that for the end of the world. This gives a time line between 34 and 57-1/2 years for the appearance of the antichrist, and it could be hundreds of years. But less than 34 is quit improbable.
God knows all the future, therefore His prophecies are always 100%. He has never changed His mind. People will site Jonah and the city of Ninive which Jonah said would be destroyed in 40 days and was not because of the prayers of the people. However, the city was totally destroyed in 40 years without a second warning. We do not read that God said 40 days anyway. It could have been Jonah’s speculation or interpretation of God's words "this generation".
The fraud prophets do it "to be somebody important" and all of them accept money. The demonic have a master plan to fight against the next pope and the monarch. Examples of fraud are Medjugorje and Gallagher. Examples of Satanic are Garabandal, Bayside, Necedah.
Protecting the honor and reputation of Our Lady
(the publican)
By Waterinckx Mark
Introduction: I, the undersigned, have been three times to Garabandal, namely in the early seventies, eighties and most recently in October 2000. The belief in the apparitions is very delicate and controversial. There are claims that the Pope, Padre Pio and Mother Theresa believed in the apparitions. If they did, they have been misled by one-sided information. Is this possible? Yes, it is possible.
Pope Gregorius XI (14th century) warned on his deathbed against false seers by whom he had been deceived himself. This can be read in the book "De servorum Dei beatificatione et beatorum canonisatione" written by Prospero Lambertini, the later pope Benedict XIV.
Also the present pope John Paul II warns in the Observatore Romano dd. 18.09.96 against the confusion created by the multiplication of supposed apparitions and visions. Personal experience?
Padre Pio has been beatified, in 2002 he will probably be canonized, but so is the parish priest of Ars, who for eight years did not believe in La Salette. Even a saint is not infallible.
Mother Theresa believed in the apparitions of Medjugorje. Her informer was Mgr. Hnilica, a doubtful figure, who has ever been condemned to three and a half years of imprisonment by a court in Rome.
Everything depends on the personal attitude (Marian, pious, naive, looking for a support, for help from heaven, for miracles) and on the source of information. Very often it is well meant but subjective. Not the stories but the naked facts and decisions of the bishop are of primary importance.
All eight bishops of Santander have from 1961 up to now, supported by the Holy See in Rome, publicly declared that no supernatural apparitions had taken place in Garabandal.
The parish priest of Garabandal told me during my third visit there on 03/10/2000 after mass, that the so-called apparitions merely caused problems in the Spanish Church.
He handed me over the document with the definite, negative, final judgment of the present bishop of Santander, Mgr. Villaplana.
Conchita said the pope (at that time Paul VI) as well as Padre Pio would still see the miracle. Both have been dead for a long time.
In Conchita's diary one can read (p.164 Dutch edition) that Paul VI knew the date of the great Miracle.
On 13/04/1995 almost 20,000 pilgrims were present at Garabandal. Many from the USA who had paid $2000 American dollars for their air-tickets. Once more the date was false.
Prof. Rutten, the retired economist from the Netherlands, now foretells this miracle is going to happen on 11/04/2002. This fantasist was just as sure of the fact that the pope would proclaim the fifth Marian Dogma (via Amsterdam) on 31/05/2001 ...
According to Conchita the present pope (John Paul II) is the last pope on earth. Many other false seers suggest the next pope might well be the Anti-Christ. This way the good faithful are soaked off from the local bishop. Because the latter does not recognize the apparitions, he is a bad bishop without faith. Afterwards they are incited against the next pope and so there appears a schism with Rome and in the end Satan is the winner.
The leader of the Garabandal center in the Netherlands, Mr. Wim L., said during the Dutch TV Program, Crosspoint on 20/05/01 that he himself did not know if Garabandal came from Satan or from God.
In the same program they showed one of the Van der Maazen brothers, who keeps a souvenir-shop in Garabandal. The other brother who thought he would be cured on the day of the miracle, has already died. Wim L. told me over the phone that Barry Hanratty of the Garabandal center in New York had discovered that the Van der Maazen brothers cheated with the sale of medals containing little pieces of the so-called missal of Jacinta or Loli, that the text on the little pieces appears to be a Dutch text! Yet the same organizer Wim L. permitted Mr. Jef Van der Maazen to claim on T.V. the Miracle would happen in 2002. (in imitation of Rutten, the other fantasist)
Already in 1966 Conchita wanted to enter the Carmelite Convent in Pamplona. "Jesus" told her to go back to the world. In 1973 she married the much older Patrick Keena, divorced from his first wife, whom he had previously married before the law. According to some people he had two children from this first marriage or even two children from two different women. Not one family member was present at Conchita's wedding.
The same main seer, Conchita, made a museum of her house in Garabandal. She has since sold that house and owns a house in New York and a flat in Fatima as well. Compare them with Bernadette in Lourdes.
The same Conchita admitted to Father J. Pelletier that she herself had stolen the Host from the tabernacle for the so-called mystical communion.
Just before the so-called apparition in Garabandal the four seers had stolen apples.
Conchita was often caught in contradictions.
All four seers have already denied the apparitions really took place.
Not one of the seers still lives in the Garabandal-village.
The whole Garabandal story bursts with sensation.
Many of the so-called mystic phenomenons point out satanic influence. Remember the backwards running parties with the head bend back. Which theological value has such a thing? Conchita's convent vocation hot lost and she married a divorced man. She even said the Blessed Mother played hide and seek with her. On the other hand she even helped find shoes which had been lost by the pilgrims. The seers gave sweets to little Jesus and were allowed to take him into their arms. The Blessed Mother told the seers she perfumed the brushes of her slippers .... This Pope would be the last Pope. The un-Biblical Warning, the ever postponed Miracle are pure deceit and passion for the sensation. Satanic?
Typical too: the Garabandal - fans always try to undermine the local bishop's authority as well as that of the next pope. Once again dangerous phantasm. Who incites to disobedience? God or Satan?
1. Document of Cardinal Seper (21/04/70), who was then Head of the Holy Office:
"... Promoters of Garabandal have tried to minimize the authority of the bishop of Santander. This Holy Congregation wants to make it clear that the bishop of Santander is the only person with full jurisdiction concerning this matter. The Holy See does not intend to make researches into Garabandal. It regrets that some persons and associations go on extending their action in clear contradiction with the decisions of the ecclesiastical authority and thus go on creating confusion.
Last official document of the present bishop of Santander (1991 to present )
"... All bishops of the diocese agreed on the fact there was no supernatural validity for the 'apparitions' ... The commission led by bishop Dal Val came to the same conclusions... I myself asked Rome for advice from the Congregation for Defense of the Faith. It answered on 28/11/1992 'After inquiry into the documentation the Vatican sees no reason for direct intervention to remove the jurisdiction of the local bishop of Santander in this matter. This right belongs to the diocesan bishop.'
Former statements of the Holy See confirm this point of view. That is why I say definitely: I agree with and I accept the decision of my predecessors and the guidance of the Holy See."
Letter of Mgr. Vilaplana, bishop of Santander (08/11/1999)
"Dear ......., I have received your nice letter and am grateful because you defend the point of view of the Church concerning the so-called apparitions in Garabandal. We intend to spread this official point of view of the Church by sending it to all persons interested in knowing the truth. In spite of the statements, some still do not obey the indications of the local pastor. We regret this. But we hope the Lord will little by little lead them to ecclesiastical obedience, thus following the example the Virgin Mary gave us."
Humility and obedience are Christian virtues. Disobedience is characteristic of the father of lies. Who exalts himself (above ecclesiastical authority) shall be abased. Yes, common sense is also needed not to be deceived. Passion for sensation however is disastrous and treacherous. Read on this subject Doctor of the Church St. John of the Cross.
Waterinckx Mark, Weinebruggelaan 49, B 8200 Brugge (Sint-Michiels), Belgium, Tel: 0032 (0) 50-38-50-29
"Father Aloysius Ellacuria"
Thanks to one man who truly loved Father Aloysius, and who has no personal agenda to promote, we have been able to read actual letters written by Father Aloysius, his seminarians, lawyers in Fatima and the United States, testimonials, and letters by his brother, Father Jose Maria Ellacuria, C.M.F.
These letters are all dated so that we were able to put together a chronology of events that have completely vindicated Father Aloysius: but in fact, have convicted more than one of his friends of using Father for their own gain and agenda.
The truth about this priest may actually bring about his canonization, as you will see in our final chapter. The saintliness of this priest lies not in what he accomplished while living but in his dream of what could be accomplished. If we [and we include Unity Publishing, Inc.] help to carry out that dream with his prayers in heaven, he will be canonized.
How many of his friends do not even know what his dream was because of their own mistaken agenda is sad and amazing. But first of all let us put to rest the thing about the drugs and sex that Father was accused of supporting twenty years ago.
Jeffrey J. Moynihan’s Book
A recent book, "FATHER ALOYSIUS - WONDER WORKER IN AMERICA" written by his (sometimes) secretary, Jeffrey J. Moynihan, does more harm to the man than good. The problems in the Father’s life are alluded to but then not explained. One example is the impression given about the two bishops who asked him to leave Los Angeles and then Fatima. Moynihan treats these bishops as though they do not have the right to be heard or even talked to because they treated him badly.
Jeffrey Moynihan interjects so much of his own theology and prejudicial beliefs, it is hard to know what Father Aloysius believed and what is just Jeffrey’s imagination. But his book makes belief in Father Aloysius more difficult after reading it than before: Like Father being one of the "Seven Thunders" of the Apocalypse, or being able to read everyone’s souls, or having a policeman guardian angel, or curing a dog, or suffering the invisible stigmata, or having a father with an un-corrupted body, or being able to read souls, or having the perpetual presence of the Eucharist in him all the time, or Father Charles Carpenter starting an order in Mexico, or believing in Garabandal.
We will address each one of these claims separately, and let the real saintly Father stand up, but let’s see where Jeffrey Moynihan is coming from first.
In any book the start and finish tells the true story of what the author is trying to get across. In the first four pages of his book, Jeffrey tries to establish that Father Aloysius could read the souls of the people he met. Then (when one would normally write the climax of the life of the person you are writing about), Jeffrey writes the last two pages about what he is writing the book about in the first place - Garabandal.
Father did not support Garabandal
What Jeffery J. Moynihan failed to say in his book, (which he claims is about Father Aloysius), is that he is married to Jacinta, one of the seers of Garabandal. This is no small oversight on his part since he claimed on page 56 that Father read the seer’s souls and saw the truth of their visions. He also stated that father went to Garabandal in 1970. What he did not state is that Father Jose Maria Ellacuria, O.M.F. (Fathers brother) lived in or near Garabandal, and was not only a believer but tried very hard to get Father to believe also. Father Jose Maria believed in many other mystics as well. What Jeffrey also did not say is that Father’s sister bought property in Garabandal to be there for the "warning". These three things, his wife, Father’s brother and sister, are no small oversight.
The truth is in the documentation. If Father believed in Garabandal, it would not have been a big deal considering his brother, (a priest and teacher in a seminary near to Garabandal); and his sister (who believed and bought a house in Garabandal) both put pressure on him. However, for him to openly promote or take pilgrims to Garabandal, would have showed he was not an obedient priest, which we now know that he was.
We have seen documents that prove he did not support Garabandal. Father was the Spiritual Director on a Pilgrimage in October of 1968 with a group of people, some of whom wanted to make a detour to Garabandal since they were only a few miles away. The documentation shows that Father would not go with them, because as a priest he could not go. This would be in violation of the local bishop. He also told the people that they should not go, but that he would not stop them.
He stated in 1968 that as a priest he could not go. In 1970, he went to visit his sister and brother, and from a diary of the trip, we know that he did not say Mass or attribute a supernatural character to the apparitions. He visited his sister, talked to Conchita, visited his brother, and was off the mountain in only a couple of hours.
Jeffrey’s book states that in 1972 "two of the four visionary girls of Garabandal went to see Father Aloysius, when he was living in Fatima in Portugal. Father read their souls and saw the truth of their visions." (Page 56)
Now, since we know Conchita (and we know that she does not believe what happened to her came from God), and we know that seven bishops of Garabandal, including the present one, and the present and past heads of the Sacred Congregation for the Protection of the Faith in Rome, have condemned Garabandal, what can we say about Jeffrey’s claim?
If we are to believe Jeffrey (who is married to one of the seers), we would have to believe that Father believed all these bishops and the Vatican were wrong. We would have to believe that Father trusted his own feelings more than the authority of the Church. This is not the spirit of obedience Father had for the Church. Even if Father felt that they were true mystics, he would not have said so. The fact is that Jeffrey Moynihan has admitted that Father only said that they were good girls, and that regarding his wife, that she was going to be good for Jeffrey.
We also believe that the children of Garabandal are good and honest people, and Father always saw the best in people. By his letters we can tell that he spoke very charitably about everyone, even his enemies. Regarding his ability to always read souls, this cannot be claimed in all cases. The perfect example was his choice of the first ten seminarians, and his choice of the superior to his order of nuns. He was gentle and trusting to a fault. But if he could always read souls, he would not have made the mistakes he made. This does not discredit Father Aloysius. Every saint in history has made mistakes about people, even St. Paul about St. Mark.
POSITION 2. [Positive]
  WHAT DOES PADRE PIO SAY? Document of the Marian Center in Paris about 1967 Reprinted with kind permission from Garabandal Journal /March-April 2019 or those folks who do not know him, the following provides you an explanation. Padre Pio is a Capuchin priest. He lives in the south of Italy in a convent at San Giovanni Rotondo in the Province of Foggia. He was born on May 25, 1887, at Pietralcina. He received the stigmata on September 20, 1918, when he was a young priest. He is the only priest known in Church history to the present who bears the stigmata. It is not so much by the stigmata that he resembles the Crucified, but more on account of his humility and good will toward all around him. For some fifty years, the priest Padre Pio has already shared his innumerable blessings. Sinners are converted, the sick are healed, and the despairing are aided. His gaze that pierced the hearts of those who went to confession to him was so deep that it uncovered the deepest hidden secrets. He possessed the gift of looking into the souls. Padre Pio prayed and expiated, achieving his work as victim. It was not so much by his words but rather by his heroic example that he called others to sacrifice and expiation. Beginning at the Offertory during his daily Mass, he saw the suffering Christ and joined in His sufferings both physically and spiritually. Conchita said that Padre Pio would also see the miracle at Garabandal from wherever he may be. From this we see that Padre Pio must be connected to Garabandal in some fashion. On January 1, 1962, on the occasion of a visit to Padre Pio, a group of Spanish pilgrims asked him whether the apparitions at Garabandal were true. He responded with his usual gruff tone: “Are you still asking this question? How many times must you ask whether the Mother of God is appearing to you when she has already been appearing for eight months?” On March 3, 1962, Conchita received a typed letter written in Italian, without signature or address on the envelope, with a stamp that was difficult to identify because half of it was effaced. In the letter, the children were addressed as follows: “Blessed little children of San Sebastian de Garabandal,” adding the assurance that their visions of the Virgin were true. The letter ended with the following words: “I only give you this advice: pray and ensure that the people pray, because the world finds itself at the beginning of its ruin. They do not believe either in you or in the conversations with the Blessed Virgin. They will not believe until it will be too late.” We know that Conchita asked the Blessed Virgin during an ecstasy as to the author of the letter and that she received confirmation that it was a letter from Padre Pio. The Blessed Virgin gave her the address of Padre Pio so that she could respond, which Conchita did. On the occasion of a trip to Rome in 1966, Conchita went to San Giovanni Rotondo where she was affectionately received by Padre Pio, as has been confirmed by her escort. A tour guide who led a group of pilgrims to Garabandal wrote: “Without the approval of Padre Pio, I would have never made the decision to rent a tour bus to go down there. I can tell you that the venerable Padre Pio approved and blessed our trip to Garabandal.” We should also thank Padre Pio inasmuch as on June 18, 1965, a group from Italian television found itself in Garabandal on the occasion of the last encounter between St. Michael the Archangel and Conchita, and filmed Conchita’s ecstasy. F 10 Garabandal Journal / March-April 2019 A member of the Holy Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Monsignor Philippi, wrote: “The fact that Padre Pio, who is well known for his virtue, his knowledge and fidelity to the Holy See, said that these apparitions are good and encouraged the four little seers to make the Blessed Virgin’s messages known, is a big proof as to the truthfulness of these messages.” Despite this, we have received some letters saying that Padre Pio never took a position on Garabandal, that he never said this or that. “This has been said to us at the convent.” Where there is a lot of light, there are a lot of shadows. Padre Pio was a great source of light. He fought against Satan on many fronts. The person and personality of Padre Pio remains irreproachable despite this. Padre Pio belongs to a religious order. He is a monk and in every case must be obedient. And after he was banned from making declarations as to Garabandal and the future, there was nothing more to do than to suffer. Although for him there was yet another possibility, of letting the public know the greatest intimacies of himself. Let us listen to what happened recently at San Giovanni Rotondo: A freemason came to San Giovanni Rotondo to photograph Padre Pio. One cannot imagine the reason or the intentions of such folks trying to get a photograph of Padre Pio. But what happened? When the photo was developed, the image of Padre Pio appeared with his head crowned with thorns. There was nothing the freemason could do, except to go in haste to Padre Pio with the photograph in his hands, incapable of uttering a word. Then Padre Pio came to his aid and said: “It is you, the freemasons, who have pushed down the thorns on my head.” Yes, it is the freemasons who are heading more or less the Church today and are leading it toward its ruin, despite the fact that we have not yet recognized the dangers in our midst. No doubt this freemason was converted at San Giovanni Rotondo by this photo and saved. It was his friends who sent us the picture at issue. What else was for Padre Pio to do today except to present himself as a man of suffering which in reality he was. His suffering, his immolation, in the meantime acquired such levels that it was often repeated: "Padre Pio is going to die.” His death is not like ours. For many months yet he must fight until God finally delivers him. [He died September 23,1968] Reprinted with kind permission from Garabandal Journal /March-April 2019.
POSITION 3. [Positive]
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A book on the subject by L.R.Walker is available from Amazon and others. The Book has a facebook page where there is a link to purchasing it. TITLED:

The Mystery of Garabandal: Fantasy or Fraud? Ghost or God?

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POSITION 7. [Negative]
A reader of the site, Most Holy Family Monastery, asked Br. Dimond his opinion on Garabandal.
Here is his answer ..............
"    To answer your questions: 1. A certain person claims that Padre Pio endorsed the Garabandal apparitions.  But the accounts of this aren't clear and, frankly, we don't believe the man's story.  Even if it were true that Padre Pio endorsed Garabandal, the fact that Padre Pio thought they were true wouldn't prove it to be so, of course. We believe that Garabandal is definitely a false apparition. We believe this for a number of reasons. First, according to a friend of ours who has studied it (we have not yet been able to), the message states: "the Pope will reconvene the Council and it will be a great event in the Church.” This means that Garabandal apparently refers to Vatican II as something that will be a "great event" in the Church and Paul VI as a "Pope" - both of which are totally false and, if stated in the message, prove without any doubt that Garabandal was a false apparition of the devil. Second, all of the "seers" at Garabandal are in the Novus Ordo sect (a bad fruit) and none of them pursued religious vocations.  (Most of those who have visions such as this, like the real Sister Lucy of Fatima, pursue religious life). The original apparition occurred when they were stealing apples – not usually an activity that would be rewarded with a visit from the Mother of God, I would say.  The "seers" also walked backwards, something that is suggestive of Satanic influence.  We believe that the purpose of the false apparitions of Garabandal was to focus people on the physical chastisement – a great warning, miracle, and ball of redemption – and direct people away from Satan's real attack, which concerns our Faith, not physical chastisements.  So, while people are waiting for what they think will be the "real" chastisement (what they expect to be a physical one) and remain in the false sect, the true chastisement (a spiritual one, the Vatican II sect) is already upon them and has (already) almost reached its consummation."