On my article yesterday on the modern curse of women seeking to be inferior men, regular numerical reader 7817 had this to say:

It’s well and good to say that men should take their traditional roles back, and I agree. However, some of us recognize our hierarchical place, for example, I’m a lower Delta on Vox Day’s scale. I’m not a leader (except for my family) and lack those skills except for a very small area of influence.

Therefore, at this point I’m absolutely unwilling to sit under any pastor that berates men for not leading, because a) I’m doing what I can in my area of responsibility already, and b) nobody wants guys like me to lead. It’s just sitting and getting chewed out for nothing, like the old man-up preachers.

So let’s talk about leadership.

The modern view of leadership is that you, (as in anyone, be it man or woman), need to lead others. This is false from two standpoints. The obvious one is that women cannot be leaders. Instead, they must be led. The other point that is far less obvious is the fact that leadership often has nothing to do with anyone else.

The first individual that a man must lead is himself.

Until as a man you have mastered yourself, you will not be leading anybody. Of course, a man who has not mastered himself may seem to lead others in the modern world if he has a leadership position. But his leadership will be ineffective at best. That is why there are almost no leaders today that are effective and true. The world is full of hollow men led by other hollow men. It has been this way for hundreds of years.

To lead you must first master yourself. You do this by cultivating virtue in yourself. Notice that you must do. Men make themselves. You cannot think your way to mastery. The doing begets the knowing. In the past, our culture provided us with a set of principles to live by, but in the modern world this is an unreality. So one of the first steps that a man needs to take to lead himself is to understand just what are the principles which he leads his life by. It is important to keep in mind that you are not your principles, but merely someone who seeks to live up to his principles.

One of my principles, perhaps the most important one that I have lived my life by, even from a young age, is truth. In a time of global untruths and deceit, now is a wonderful opportunity to embody truth. I do not seek excuses or ways out of living up to this principle. I must simply stand firm and hold to truth. The peck is a beautiful example of such an opportunity. Do you choose modernity, do you choose untruth, do you choose evil, and all for the material realm? Or do you choose truth?

Individually, this is powerful. We are in this position today because so many men did not master themselves and were easily swayed and led by hollow men. Being led is an abdication of our role as men to master ourselves. Instead of doing the work that we need to do to become men, we project our hopes onto someone external to us, a great leader. This is why I had such a problem with people labeling Trump as a ‘god-emperor’. Yes, we can hope that he will do well. But such worship is unmanly. And ultimately, such a person will stumble and disappoint and then those who have invested all of their energies in an external false hope will become bitter and full of despair.

Men do not seek external agencies or validation. We are our own sun. We give light to the creation of action. You may not believe this, but it is true. You might not understand this, but if you do the work you will discover that it is self-evident. There are no short cuts. As men do not seek external powers to help us, this is a sign that Christ comes from within. And in order for us to lead ourselves, first we must allow ourselves to be led by Him. It is each man’s spiritual rebirth that is the first opportunity for him to begin this process of becoming a man.

This is why a woman cannot be a leader. She is drawn to reflect the glory of her man, whom she will serve. And she will then serve his children. Without that direction from her man, a woman’s energy is a chaotic mess of unrestrained power that is a danger to all with whom she comes into contact. And if her man has not mastered himself then she will realise this and destroy the pact that they forged.

Which means that the second individual that a man must lead is his wife. Keep in mind that a woman cannot be a man’s principle; the very idea is obscene. This was known in the manosphere as the line, you cannot make a woman your mission. Such behavior is doomed from the beginning. She is external to you but complimentary. She lifts up her man and gives him energy and strength by her support. In turn, he gives her leadership and thus direction; she basks in the light of his principles. And her female energy is then harnessed for good.

Imagine what the world would be like now if the majority of men had done this work. Yes, some men will rise to lead others, be it a small group, a church, or even a nation. But leadership in itself is an individual and then a familial pursuit. Do not worry about abstract ideas such as a socio-sexual hierarchy. It is meaningless for the situation in which we now find ourselves. If we are to escape the trap of modernity then the first action that we must take is to become men who are worthy of such a goal.

The vast majority of you reading this have not yet mastered yourselves. Many of you will not even have begin the process. Now is the time to begin.

For a place to begin to cultivate virtue in yourself, I offer this sermon on how to grow in the virtue of chastity by Fr Ripperger. If you put into practice the strategies that Fr Ripperger promotes in this video, then you will be doing many actions to begin the task of mastering yourself and becoming a man.

Source: https://pushingrubberdownhill.com/2021/08/12/as-men-we-must-be-leaders/