Sunday, September 15, 2019


The latest from the Remnant is stirring but I have some issues over what it signifies and the dubious call to #UniteTheClans. Speculating on Francis' bona fides was over a long time ago for me and it's now crystal clear what he is and what he is doing. Because of the confusion and division trailing in his wake, the call to remedial action now presents as much of a potential danger as Francis himself. Pre-VatII there were many special purpose groups united in the One Faith; post that Council, other groups formed such as the Lefevre society and further groups splintered from that. Now, after six years of Francis' machinations [ Machiavellian, at that], even more splinter factions have arisen - and several are at each others throats to the extent of threatened court actions [ apparently with disdain for the Acts template for disputations]. These are the "clans" of which Matt and Voris speak. Additionally, polemics has become loaded with divisive terms like "Traditionalists" and "Papologists" and "Ultramontanists" and "Clericalism", as well as accusations of old heresies, modernism, Pelegianism, and so on. There are the formal organizations and Orders too , not to mention the many media groups. On top of all these are the various and opposing stances of the R&R, the Sedevacantists, the Trads, the Liberals and so on. They are all in the ring like a tag-team wrestling match, but no-one quite knows which side is on theirs and apparently no one side is on any others. Thus, the #UniteTheClans call has been made.
Here is my problem:
Yes, we are a traditional church. But it is counter productive to adopt a label - "Traditionalists" - spoken as though that is a separate movement. We are of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church which is both material and divine with Christ as our Head. END OF !!....... at least I wish it was. Some claim that the Chair is vacant, others that Francis legitimately occupies it, still others claim that the true pope is Benedict. These positions are not likely to come together. Does that really matter? For all I care, put the canon lawyers and cardinals in the ring to fight it our. No, I hate the thought, but we have had a vacant Seat before, we have had multiple popes before, and we have had 40 anti-popes before [ so they say]. The situation succinctly is that we are leaderless. Face it and remain practicing. This call to unite the clans sounds well and good, but my fear is that some power group will form an ersatz or quasi church sect and, more especially, that it will emanate from the U.S. There is no American Catholic Church [as many often use that terminology], but there is the Catholic Church in America. Words matter. This is a poignant point right now with Francis throwing down the gauntlet and daring his detractors to break away [oh yes, that's what he is doing] - that would suit his and Satan's plans nicely. I am close to thinking that Francis and his "New Church" are actually in schism now. And, if not now, then the Amazon will make it clear. Let us keep our private philosophical position, but let it make no difference to our practice of pewsitting and following Jesus as we have always done, but with extra zeal in this crisis. The remedy is prayer and penance. What penance could we possibly do to contribute to the relief of such a maelstrom? Bear our Cross. And our Cross is the anguish, loneliness, isolation and confusion that we are currently experiencing.

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