Thursday, September 12, 2019


DEPRAVITY WITHIN THE GAY COMMUNITY KNOWS NO BOUNDS, as many homosexuals known as ‘Bug Chasers’ seek to have sex with men who are HIV positive, so that they too may contract the ‘Gift’ of HIV in what they term “the ultimate erotic experience”.
When I say that there are “many” who seek this perverted experience, there are contested statistics put forward. Rolling Stone claims that 25% of gay men are bug chasers, while a study quoted in Wikipedia put the number at 7.5%.
There is a documentary available on YouTube called THE GIFT, while here I post a shorter interview [4 mins], with the producer ………..
The wikipedia article on it is here ……..
Where innocent li’l ol’ me caught up with this suicidal activity was on Reddit where, on a particular forum, gay men were putting out requests to find other men with the ‘gift’. The language was the most vile and sickening I can recall seeing where the ‘gifted’ and the ‘chasers’ were exchanging what they would like to do with each other. And, no thanks to the facebook friend who alerted me to it.
BUT, why do I bring this up now?
Alerting others to this activity will probably be of no consequence in this post-modern world where relativism and situational ethics prevail for the sake of  “love being love” and Truth is now whatever you claim it to be for yourself. But, the area where this issue does affect others in the world of rights and redress is the world where our taxes are getting poured into the health care of these intentionally sick people with self-inflicted disease.
They will eventually need medical care and, even if this were given in a public hospital with little cost to the afflicted, our taxes pay for that hospital and all treatments given. Then, additionally, it’s fair to say that they will choose medication, either as a cure or for the easing of distressing symptoms. THIS IS MY POINT, since we are powerless to restrict the activity itself and even to do so would impinge on their ‘rights’. But we can do something about the public taxpayer funding of treatment. What actually prompted this blog post was yesterday’s article by the ABC which says ……..
“A ground-breaking HIV prevention drug has been approved for taxpayer subsidy in Australia — marking a major milestone in the four decades long battle against HIV and AIDS.
PrEP or pre-exposure prophylaxis has been recommended for listing on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme by a panel of experts.
The Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt previously promised government funding for the drug if approved by the committee.
The decision is expected to see the over-the-counter cost of the drug drop from up to $1,000 to about $40.
Victorian AIDS Council CEO Simon Ruth said it should be available by the middle of the year from any doctor or pharmacy.”
NO WAY JOSE !! We should and must not subsidize these people to the tune of $1000 per treatment. We can and should put pressure on the appropriate government Ministers to not fund treatments for this self-inflicted disease. But, there’s a problem. Or two or three. The taxpayer, remember, already funds HIV treatments in public hospitals for HIV patients, some of whom have contracted the disease via non-homosexual sex. Gays who have contracted the virus via sex know the risks they have taken, yet they are subsidized without taxpayer protest. Of course the argument will be made in relation to subsidized cancer treatment for smokers. While that argument appears justified, it is not. Why? Because for one thing [apart from the addiction angle], long term smokers will have paid around $100,000 in taxes over aproximately 50 years and so have paid for their treatment by proxy. Another problem inherent here is determining which infected person has contracted HIV deliberately as a ‘bug chaser’, who should be excluded from receiving subsidized care. This area is above my pay grade, so I will leave readers to ponder and to take any action that they deem warranted. There are many articles on bug chasing per se, and I will leave you with this one ……….
Kyrie Eleison.

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