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God in Freemasonry

The belief in a creative principle is understood as the observation of a necessary will, which makes possible all creation.

Freemasonry is not a religion , does not believe in revealed Gods who direct the destinies of humans, and endow them with laws of obligatory compliance, in Freemasonry, God is an idea that leads us to believe in the need for an orderly system of existence, the reference through which it is possible to transcend oneself, God is the way in which each human being understands the energy that makes Creation possible.
The freemasons , open and close the works dedicated "To the Glory of the Great Architect of the Universe " and those held in the lodges ; These works are really a cult of being supreme, where God is asked to bless the enclosure as a sacred place where his Name will be praised. In that sense, Freemasonry, following its traditional method of teaching (deductive), analyzes the universe and the perfection that reigns in it and concludes that this cannot be the work of anyone other than the "Great Architect of the Universe."
Freemasonry lacks a positive God, Freemasonry is a teaching system based on Symbolism and allegory.
And the Great Architect of the Universe, is one of his Symbols.
So that within Masonry, people of all ideology, of all faith, any belief can come together as long as it is not denying the rest of ideas, it is accepted by Freemasonry.
Therefore, atheism in Masonry is discussed, because the atheist in denying any idea of ​​God, grants himself the possession of truths he does not possess.

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  1. Compare the language in this article from VOX CANTORIS.....

    Vox Cantoris

    Seeking one globalist system of Marxist education - Bergoglio declares war on Catholic families!
    Posted: 14 Sep 2019 05:02 AM PDT

    Using an obscured "African proverb" popularised by Hillary Clinton, Bergoglio, the Pontificating Peronist Pervert Protector who seized the Chair of Peter has called on the Marxist educrats of the world to join him in a Global Compact on Education.

    Stating that, "“A global educational pact is needed to educate us in universal solidarity and a new humanism," in one sentence, Bergoglio destroys the rights of Catholic parents and the principles of subsidiarity. He continued that this conference, "will result in men and women who are open, responsible, prepared to listen, dialogue and reflect with others, and capable of weaving relationships with families, between generations, and with civil society, and thus to create a new humanism.”

    After praising his own words of apostasy in Abu Dhabi, Bergoglio continued that “In this kind of village it is easier to find global agreement about an education that integrates and respects all aspects of the person, uniting studies and everyday life, teachers, students and their families, and civil society in its intellectual, scientific, artistic, athletic, political, business and charitable dimensions. An alliance, in other words, between the earth’s inhabitants and our “common home”, which we are bound to care for and respect. An alliance that generates peace, justice and hospitality among all peoples of the human family, as well as dialogue between religions.”

    In a word search of the article there is no mention of "salvation." He refers to "Jesus" in the context of washing the feet of the Apostles, not as the instrument of our salvation. As to "God" it is in the last paragraph wherein he writes that we seek to nurture, “the dream of a humanism rooted in solidarity and responsive both to humanity’s aspirations and to God’s plan." He never states that God's aspiration for humanity is that we are "to know Him, love Him, and serve Him in this life, and be happy with Him in the next." This cannot happen without real "education" real "teaching" as the Apostle Paul tells us - that real "Faith then cometh by hearing; and hearing by the word of Christ."
    How much more proof do Catholics need that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is not a "Holy Father" but an abusive father? Not a prophet of God but a false prophet? Not a servant of Christ, but an antichrist? Not a lover of God, but a lover of power?

    This man is a communist. A globalist. A power-hungry scoundrel who has, through evil men, seized control of the Chair of Peter.

    Every faithful Catholic must resist this malefactor. Every faithful Catholic must call out this globalist monster for what he is.

    A man who hates Our Lord Jesus Christ and you and our Holy Catholic Faith. A man who kneels to man but not to God.