Friday, April 12, 2019


Family policies Government paid parental leave and the child care subsidy policies support mothers in the paid workforce, but not families who prefer unpaid parent-care. This limits their choice in deciding how their young children are cared for. Most parents want policies that give families choice. The government taxes individual earners, regardless of the number of family dependents. However, at least 14 Western countries have adopted family-based taxation. This means income tax takes into consideration the number of family members dependent on the family’s income. 1. Would you support a family-based taxation policy whereby the family’s income is split between family members for taxation purposes? 2. Would you support simplifying the very complicated childcare subsidy system by having a flat-rate, taxable-per-child payment that is given directly to parents so they can choose what form of care suits their family? 3. Would you support removing the work test for Paid Parental Leave and introduce a set payment that eliminates current inequalities, whereby one mother may receive $550 and another $12,950 based on their recent employment history? 4. For larger families, would you support assistance for purchasing larger cars (people movers), and tax concessions on basic living items such as fuel, electricity, mortgages and rent? While wages rise to compensate for inflation, this pushes taxpayers into higher tax brackets. Bracket creep erodes these wage increases. 5. Would you support indexing income-tax brackets to the cost of living (CPI)? National economic policies A National Development bank is needed to expand infrastructure, the foundation of private enterprise. This would aid decentralisation and take the pressure off major cities. A Development Bank would operate independently of Treasury and Finance departments. 6. As Australia has supported China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, would you support the establishment of an Australian Development Bank? 7. To encourage Australian industries, would you support the government having a “buy Australian-made first” procurement policy? 8. Given that rapidly rising electricity prices are hurting households and businesses and undermining Australia’s international competitiveness, would you support the building of new high-efficiency, low-emissions coal-fired power stations? Protecting freedoms Proposals to remove exemptions in the Sex Discrimination Act for faith based schools mean that these schools would be required to allow a boy who identifies as a girl to access girls’ change rooms, toilets, showers, sports, camps and dormitories. 9. Will you oppose the removal of exemptions for faith-based schools from the federal Sex Discrimination Act 1984. For more information, how to donate and media inquiries go to

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